Thursday, 10 February 2011

went and did it

i posted yesterday that i was going to stripe a couple of patterns that i had made with gliss and glint plus from so i did it and very happy with the result correct way to go i think with those

I'm particularly happy with the patterns below nice mackerel patterns sure they will do the business for saltwater bass and maybe larger tropical saltwater species these will also be available as a very limited edition through so if you want them contact nick to reserve as I'm not sure when ill be doing another batch

same with these sandeels these are highly mobile sandeels and will be deadly for saltwater species in the UK like bass and Pollock again very limited edition and should be available from nick anyday over at

sometimes it is quite nice to take a step away from pike and predator flies and do something slightly different and I'm really happy with the way these sandeels have turned out i do a lot of research on some patterns looking at colour variations of the bait fish I'm planning to make so its not just a case of chuck it on a hook and hope for the best so you know your getting something that some care has gone into the making of it .

i also do this for private orders , i like to find out what the local prey fish are to where they will be fishing I'm not talking tell me your best fishing venues but what the predators are feeding on and that my friends is why my flies catch people a lot of fish because I've been doing it a long time and know what they like and the right questions to ask anybody wanting to buy flies

so that was just a quick update on yesterdays post sorry if I've rambled on catch ye all early next week
(a cave in Scotland)

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