Sunday, 12 June 2011

125 not out

let me tell ya a story , i went over and fished with ken at pike adventures last year and it was a blast , most of the time we were on the water like 4am and off by midday simply because of the heat so that left us the afternoon to drink beer and dick around tying flies , the fly below was the first i tied for ken showing him a method of tying with ep fibre of course i gave him the fly and here it is below in a picture from a skype call yesterday 13 months after i had tied it .

so whats so special about it , well ill tell you what , the fly above rocks big style not only has it caught fish let me tell you this fly has caught caught ken 125 fish yes 125 fish on one fly and its still good to fish the hooks still sharp and it was still pulling them in yesterday , tell me that's not the dogs bollocks or what , well that's the quality you get when dealing with people who know what there doing that Mr f mill of course you don't want them to last because people wont need to keep buying them , trust me folks go local go cottage industry for your flies its the only way ......oh please don't mail me i don't tie commercially anymore but i will put you onto some trusted fellow fly fishers if you need some doing

so when i get there in July ill be tying another for him and this one will be going into retirement in a frame that is of course as long as the daft redneck don't put it up a tree or something

e.p bait fish on a 4/0 manta

crap picture but I'm at work so it will have to do , this is one of many bait fish I'm tying up just now for the VT trip , these things will catch anything that feeds on small fish but I'm mainly wanting them for the pickerel ill be spending a day chasing

of course when chasing pike and predators its always worth having a few natural match the hatch patterns to play with if things get tough so the natural bait fish becomes a yellow perch with the aid of a few marker pens

so the picture below shows 4 ep bait fish the top two are just white body's with a mullet 3d fibre as the back colour the 2 below are the same pattern but with pen added just goes to show how you can completely change a flys look just by adding some colour or stripes , you get a whole different look no doubt a few more will appear over the next week or so

well with my last trip cancelled because of the weather I'm happy to say i got a rare day off work this week so I'm going to be putting some fly in the water , its a hard job sometimes balancing stuff i had to work crazy long hours last month to pay for the flight and this month I'm doing the same to pay for the tons of cosmetics and stuff to bring home for the wife and kids oh and maybe some bit and bobs from troutfitters .............:-)

laters brothers and sisters of the fluff
(a cave in Scotland)

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