Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3 day weekend

i work hard sometimes i think i work too bloody hard so now the summers here threes a lot of groups at my work who have finished for summer so that means I've been presented with a few days off , which let me tell ya is like gold dust , so I've grabbed the opportunity and am heading out in the big blue yonder and wet some fluff and let me tell ya I'm bloody glad of the opportunity to get out

so the patterns ill be using will be pretty limited as if i cant hook up on these then i may as well go home , perch patterns and red and white flashy patterns should pretty much cover it

with that in mind I've actually managed to reduce my boat box by half as well all I've really done is shifted a few flies into different boxes and some of the smaller patterns i don't really need for this trip , so I've cut back on loads , i do like to cover all my bases on trips and like to have the right pattern for what ever the water throws up i mean if i see a load of roach taking to the air with a predator in tow I'm more likely to switch over to a flashy pattern fish just below the surface than a deep fished clouser if you see what i mean , so i like to have all the bases covered .

when i do big flash flies i pretty much always used flashabou because that was it , that's what you used for these flies , but although there is no doubt these flies catch fish but the down side is that they don't last very long with predators teeth . I'm now thankfully to say i don't do that many with flashbou these days due to the massive range of synthetic flashy materials out there you can now tie something just as good if not identical to these flies but the fly will last 3 or four time longer and the new synthetic flash materials are cheaper than flashabou so for the regular angler its way better value .

the 2 flies above are very different in there main body material the top flies body is made from flashabou the bottom is made from spectrum flash fibre in silver now i think a few things here

1-you get a better body shape (both are tied in the same way)

2- the spectrum lasts at least 4 times longer in action

3- its a lot bloody cheaper than flashabou

4-its easier to tie spectrum
5-spectrum retains a better shape in the water

of course I'm not saying ill never use it again everything has its place and if your happy in using what your using then you wont want to change but all I'm saying is give it a try , i seem to have gone off on a tangent there yes I'm still going fishing.

it has to be said i do carry quite a few perch patterns in various shades , colours , and sizes and i just cant help making them and off course in Scotland threes usually perch in most pike waters so always a good plan to have a few .........

so hopefully unlike last time ill get out and the weather will be good this time unlike the hurricane the disposed of the last trip here's hoping


(a cave in Scotland)

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