Friday, 17 June 2011

nice dental work

so finally i get a few days of work and by good fortune friend and fishing buddy Stevie was of as well , so we decide to hit a local water , the alarm was set for and i even had an early night , unfortunately i had some horrible heart palpitations at 3.30 am which menu i couldn't get back to sleep (probably the excitement of the trip) so i was well ready for when Stevie turned up .

its really a crazy place to fish this , it can be bright sunshine 5 Min's away from here yet the loch itself could be having its own snow storm crazy place with its own micro climate but still beautiful peaceful place to fish

so having set up the rods and managed to not break anything and stick bits of rods in our hands we set off , my plan for the day was to use an intermediate line and large light flies so i could search the water at various depths the main depths we would be fishing would be around the 4 to 12 foot range the bottom is pretty uniform with nothing much in the way of features so we started by just drifting slowly for a while we started in around 5 foot with the water fairly cloudy and within a few casts id hooked the first of the day , and man did it go bloody thing was on steroids and just did not give up plenty of aerial aerobics from a very annoyed predator great fun

first of the day always a good feeling that after that 1st fish even if you don't catch another at least you haven't blanked

so we fished around for a bit and fishing partner Stevie also had another hard fighting fish which put a smile on his face , we fished around for a while with only the odd pull and dropped fish , we then decided to anchor up in various spots for the rest of the day , sometimes it better to anchor up and fish an area for 20 Min's then move a bit and anchor up again and fish around the boat this way i believe you cover way more fish than drifting , sometimes you can cover the same fish 3 or for times while anchored and then it while hit your fly on the next cast if your drifting your covering a fair bit of water but are you missing fish only my view .

nice dental work

its interesting to note that we were catching fish and getting nips on the fly when the sun came out as soon as the sun went and it got cold the fish stopped but i noticed there was more trout rising as the sun went behind clouds , but on other days i know Stevie has caught fish when its been raining up there (who knows why i suppose that's why it keeps us on our toes) but we didn't when it rained this time funny old place ,

saber power

so the sun came out and a change of fly (id been fishing big flashy patterns) i decided on a smaller blantons flashtail whistler just to fish that bit deeper well first cast and i had a fairly fast retrieve and i had a quick nip at the fly as it was around halfway back , i cast out past the same area again and f**k me i had a follow from the biggest brown trout id ever seen this thing was a huge ferrox it turned right at the boat and i got a good look at it just under the surface i swear this thing was the size of a 25+ lb salmon only a lot deeper this thing didn't get that size by eating bloody buzzers that's for sure i was quite shocked at the sheer size of it and trust me I've seen a lot of trout and salmon growing up on the river tweed this thing was a monster ....

after i had calmed down we continued in the same area and i managed another one on the whistler

this was to be my last of the day despite a couple of missed fish , Stevie however managed to catch a mad rainbow trout i think the fish thing the flues are minnows or sticklebacks or something , i don't catch a lot of rainbows fly fishing but Stevie does and this fish was absolutely nuts and gave him a good run for his money
so altogether i had 5 hard fighting crazy pike to the boat i think Stevie had 6 and the rainbow not a bad day out , OK no big girls showed but big fish for me isn't what its all about those fish in the 6 to 10 lb range really give you a fantastic fight and to be honest id rather catch fish like that all day and if a big girl comes along then that's just the luck of fishing its just good to be getting out there doing it with great company ............till next time I'm happy


its the dogs danglers

i did a review of this wire a while ago and put it through its paces with knots etc , well yesterday i put it through its paces with toothy fish well after half a dozen fish the wire was still like new ,not a mark on it and ready to fish again , this stuff is quite incredible it ties just like tying up a soft braid I'm a total convert to it . OK you may say its bloody expensive but here's a few facts

5m = 16 feet

OK so if you use a trace of 12 inches that's 16 traces ,so that works out at around 62.5 pence (around $1.21) per trace , so that's just over 5 UK pence (8 cents) per inch of wire , so if you say need to chance the first inch of your trace after 30 fish (going on reports) that's 30 fish per 6 inches of trace = 180 fish per trace (presuming your going to say i wouldn't fish with less than 6 inches of trace)

so that's 1080 fish per £10.00 ($16.12 us ) 5 meter spool
tell me that ain't great value for money

of course there's a lot of variables on this but i guess you see where I'm coming from go get some and see the difference click the picture above they also do 10 meter spools but you need to mail em ....



big go get em to buddy's ken and Brian who are fishing the lci out on Champlain this weekend , the big difference is that ken and Brian are going to be doing it with the fly rods when most will be chucking plastic go get em boys cant wait to see how ya do

so hope you all have a good weekend if your out and about hope you get a few


(a cave in scotland)

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