Friday, 11 May 2012

an appeal to the fishing brotherhood

An appeal to the fishing brotherhood
Fire is a terrible thing it can destroy a lifetime of memories in a second and imagine if you had a fishing lodge that you’d built up for 30 years with sweat and toil, imagine walking into a beautiful wooden lodge at the invitation of the owner for a cuppa standing there gazing at the very cool fish pictures on the wall, or the fantastic stuffed fish from around the world the copy of the marlin on the wall, and although not the biggest of marlin but the fish as the owner proudly tells you about how his young son caught it imagine then walking out onto a porch with your cuppa and gazing over a pristine loch full of trout and pike surrounded by beautiful Scottish hills while you listen and talk fishy tales with other guys just like yourself because no matter who you are or what you do in life at this place your simply all in the club that is the brotherhood of fisherman throughout the world where the only thing that matters is fish and fishing   
Imagine being the owner of this special place and turning up one morning to find some scumbag has set fire to the place and burnt it to the ground just for fun what would go through your head as you stand there looking at a pile of burnt wood then realising what you had inside the building the memories the lazy days talking about fishing the memories of all your pals setting the world to rights before casting a line how devastated would YOU be ……
This is what has happened to a friend of mine just a few days ago and although buildings can be replaced and thank good nobody was hurt he has lost all of his fishing tackle his memories everything so im putting an appeal out to anglers all over the world to help get him fishing again at least…..

I understand it’s a difficult economic climate and money is tight but here’s what I’m looking for, spinner baits, rubber lures , hard plugs , jerk baits , fly lines (all wgts and sizes) spinning rods and reels , fly rods and reels for trout and pike, line , swivels , lure boxes , fly boxes, mono or braid  etc. every little helps
I myself am donating a trout rod and reel and a pike fly outfit, but even if you can donate a packet of swivels it would be of help , even one plug or a packet of rubber baits anything you can spare will help …………
I will leave this post up for a couple of weeks but if you are a tackle company or you know somebody who can help please contact me for details – subject a little help
I will do a special blog post listing all the folks and links to their company sites blogs or whatever they like , if they wish to be anonymous that’s also fine
I have to say a big thanks you to those who already have come through with offers of help on facebook (pike flys ) let’s all get together on this and help put a smile on the guys face again and get him fishing
Thank you all in advance
and please share this page

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Alaska King Salmon Fishing said...

That's a very sad story to read. It just really shows how some people can be very really mean to others.