Saturday, 5 May 2012

fishheadz are go

Deercreek fishheadz
So finally Got my hands on some eagerly awaited fishheadz from and to be honest when I opened the pack I had a hundred ideas fly out at me right away so far I’ve only tied with the biggest sizes as I’m short of time this weekend due to work commitments so only had time to tie up a couple and use the big sizes for the first few , I’ll be adding a few new designs over the coming weeks and hopefully a video as so stay tuned

THe first thing I love about these is they are actually flexible as you can see from the picture below which obviously open up a few new head ideas shape wise (the heads in the picture are trout) and the back is also very sticky which means head placement is easy to achieve without them having to be stuck on with glue and moved around to get the head shape (a right pain)

So to achieve the position of the head on the hook shank all I need to do is stick a fish head on and make sure there plenty of gape for hooking without materials obstructing the gape, when im happy with that I can then take the fishhead off and tie in the materials and the tie in point will be out of site on the finished fly (I hope that makes sense you’ll see what I mean in the video when I do it)
The first batch
Ok first up I did a perch with the biggest perch fisheadz and tied on a 6/0 bleeding hook and used gliss and glint plus for the body and coloured with the aid of some pro markers

Next I used the trout fishheadz which has a very nice bronzy red shine to it along with a white gliss and glint plus body I thought this turned out well
Now comes the weird one it a fishhead called wrasse, well I don’t really know of anybody who is using an imitation wrasse for flies for pike but If you think outside the box on colours I don’t think a name actually maters and I’m loving what I came up with for it
Wrasse close up tied on an esox pike hook lovley colours
So far I’ve used normal 5 min epoxy , uv tack free, super glue , gorilla glue and they all work on these headz , I shall be tying a load more in different shades and types on Monday so tune in ,if you cant wait they can be found on deercreeks site all the flies above are the 32mm size
Id recommended for pike and musky the 32mm and the 24mm for fishing places with a large stock of smaller baitfish id recommend the 18mm please click the link below
Great product

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Anonymous said...

very nice flies I see the ST. Croix sticker in one of your pics whats the story behind that?? is that what you like to use?