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flash alice is in town and fish other stories

The flash alice and other fishy stories
THE FLASH ALICE The flash Alice series of flies is unlike any other pike streamer you will find, the fly is designed to keep its shape in the water while the back end gives a nice wiggle it is critically balanced with 3d epoxy drop resin eyes that makes this fly swim true , the flash is designed to give the perfect amount of flash when the light hits it without being to over the top this fly will not only catch pike it will catch anything that has a liking for small baitfish , use it in fresh or saltwater this is a killer series of flies these are also tied on the world famous gamakatsu hooks (6/0) and use deercreeks world famous gator eyes all in all a quality fly . *please note these flies are delicate until wet when the fiber bonds together”
Flash alice roach
Flash alice yellow belly
Flash alice classic
These awesome predator catchers are available exclusively through predator bite and are tied by myself here in Scotland predator bite ships worldwide, go get some mcfluffchucker flies in your box you know it makes sense click the link below
Holiday time

for those of you who are stuck at home in the uk for a holiday (holidays abroad are getting well expensive) you may find yourself at the seaside, well I’ve produced this little saltwater kit based on the flies I use and catch fish on , these flies will catch you fish wherever you go In the uk , I’ve caught bass , Pollock and flatfish on them great little kit that can also double up as perch and small water flies
Get em here
Ive been trying to get a day on the water with and line slinger will Shaw for the last 3 weeks, but the weather has completely knocked things on the head for us with the last 3 times we have gone to gi its either been blowing a gale or hammering with rain even as late as last weekend there was snow coming down horrendous weather for the time of year
So we had re arranged for this week and when I checked the weather it was going to be the best day of the week to go , so we just did it and we arranged for will to pick me up at his sat nav bought him right outside my house at on the dot (paul bloomer take note) we arrived at the loch at around 6.30 am and set up before the short walk to the boats
Will could hardly contain his excitement at actually getting out fishing and I was the same, I’ve been like a caged animal waiting to get out, in fact it was getting so bad I actually strung a rod up and took it out in the garden and just looked at it I was really becoming a basket case (well more than normal anyway)
So we loaded up the boat and headed up the loch to my usual haunts and after a few nips and misses will hooked into the first fish of the day much to my relief and even though it was only a small jack I think he was also relived to get one
No need for a net on this one a quick hand and it was in, the fish took revenge on will by catching him with a thrashing tooth and a few seconds later will was spurting a lovely claret which actually bled for most of the day and he went through 3 plasters serious teeth
 We fished on for a few hours and things had started to change for the worse weather wise, usually with this loch you can usually find a spot out of the worst of the wind but today there was a north easterly blowing right up the loch which was blowing always across the loch given us some really crazy drift lines which was fun to say the least
After a while I decided to try out a musky buster thinking that they might just fancy a bigger meal so on it went and its always good to try new things

Chucking it over the side of the boat it did a great impersonation of a punk duck

Shortly after this picture was taken it sank beneath the surface and came to life a fantastic looking fly I already have a few more in mind to do ………………J

The final shot before the wind became a pain in the back side although it looks fairly calm let me assure you it bloody wasn’t, I ended up rowing the bank letting will fish all the way down to the dock as I really wanted him to have another fish sadly this wasn’t to be I even went to another spot that I know holds fish but it wasn’t to be just to dam out there with the weather but hey that’s fishing , all too soon it was time to head back , as I had to pick my son up from school .

Has to be said that it was still a great day even with both of us seeing a fish hit my fly twice in a row without getting nailed made the day stuff like that is so call to watch, and it has to be said will was excellent company and the chat flowed most of the day and luckily he didn’t spot my casting mistakes so cheers again will and see you for the rematch next break in the weather that will be august by the looks of it welcome to scotland........
stay tuned this week for some very cool new tyes with deercreeks fishheadz
(a cave in scotland)

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