Tuesday, 8 May 2012

finished fishheadz

well i finally got round to finishing the fisheadz from deercreek

has to be said I'm pretty impressed with the result   

I've now added red crystal eyez to the fishheadz and i think it looks like a great addition to the headz

the green crystal eyez are also well nice on the headz

these come in at 9 inch's and are tied with gliss and glint plus loving these perch patterns, below is a couple more with the addition of the bigger eyes 

so impressed i have been with these headz i put together a little video on using them on your flies , i have to say I've only just scratched the surface with designs for these but hopefully you'll get the idea and have your own ideas for using them ,

(a cave in Scotland)


Casey Ryan said...

sweet flies man

dave lindsay said...

hey thanks casey