Thursday, 6 May 2010

fly tying is an art form

my life with the kult of fluff

so can you ever have to many flies , well probably yes you can especially if it tends to sink your boat every time you put your fly box in it , but there is another side to it besides catching fish i mean i can if i like pick half a dozen flies and go fishing with just them in a small box and a waistcoat and be done with it , catch fish just the same as if i had a gazzillion flies with me .

tiny weenie baitfish

"the fly below is 2.5 inch's long designed for smaller predators or even big trout I've used the fabulous piketrek orange melon body material as a belly and backed it with sf fibre the hook is a gamagatsu sl 2/0"

but for me i get as much enjoyment from tying the buggers and creating the flies as i get fishing them this past year it has been extremely hard for me to get out fishing simply because that Judas of the fisherman "work" has had quite a grip of me and my lovely other half has been doing a university course which has intensified this year meaning not a lot of free time although the time i have had I've fished pretty hard to make up for it luckily i can fill the gaps in with flies and as i said its as much an art form as the fishing itself ...........

these lil ol bait fish are floating my boat just now

variations on a theme Bold

the great thing about doing small baitfish patterns is that pretty much anything that eats another fish will take a shot at a fly like the one above and would imitate quite a number of smaller bait species from roach in the UK to bunkers in the USA anything will take a swipe at this why well quite simple really its a snack size 2.5 inch's it has a silver/white belly green back and the all important red eye and that's the reason it will look like something a predator has eaten before and if the predator is hungry it will hit it, as somewhere in the back of its memory it will have eaten something that had a white/silver belly and maybe the same kind of size that is the key awaken a sense in the predator and it will have a go

bite sized snack

carrying on a theme

the flies below again are smaller bait fish patterns what I've done is although they are all still around 2.5 inch's all I've done is varied the shape and flash colour the basic belly and back are the same in each white ep fibre belly and tarpon streamer ep backs

pike treking across the universe

there is a couple of styles of tying i like and there certain colours i love to use one of my favorite ideas is to go onto the Internet and search muskie lures the reason for this is there is a million different colour combos out there on jerk baits and lures and with a bit of thought you can pretty much copy the colours onto a fly as above with pretty much one off the most recognized patterns a fire tiger
I've done these before with ep and the like but I've never tried it with piketrek body material before so above is the result and I'm very impressed with the out come if you feel the irresistible urge to tie the above fly you can find links too the materials below
piketrek ship pretty much anywhere in the world so go check them out for some great product
(a cave in Scotland)


Jeff said...

When I saw these I thought peanut bunker. I like how you did a fire tiger version too!

pikepicker said...

nice always make great baitfish patterns stockin up on pb and j for you bro!!!

Anonymous said...

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