Tuesday, 18 May 2010

more creatue stuff

I've been messing around some more today with piketreks creature skin as i said yesterday I'm only scratching the surface as to what i can do with it but i wanted to do some experiments to see what would be the best and most solid way to make popper heads so i set to work
i discovered after a while after trying just varnish and other substances that the best way to make a solid popper head was to use the Mr bond UV kit from piketrek followed with a layer of final overcoat from piketrek and the jobs done there is other UV stuff out there but to be quite honest why pay stupid amounts of money when you can get the stuff at a fraction of the price
COOKING POPPERabove I'm using the UV lamp from piketrek and at £17.50 you cant go wrong

so the result of using Mr bond and creature skin is a really nice solid popper that will hopefully turn the bass on when I'm in the states visiting my brother ken capsey this week I'm sure they will

what I've done on the popper above is to use a larger section of creature skin along with some of pike treks pike chenille

again using creature skin and a Mr bond what I've created here is a big surface pattern that acts pretty much like a glide bait diving from side to side on the surface looking like a distressed fish how I've achieved this is by using pike fly body along with black creature skin and I've also added some foam underneath the creature skin to give it some float , a couple of conical eyes to give it the weight that will give it the side to side darting motion and a layer of of Mr bond its going to be a feckin killer

same as above but in melon orange

black popper

super light highly buoyant popper

so as you can see those guys at piketrek again are breaking all the rules and bring us the average pike fly fisherman fantastic innovative products at a low price and materials to really get us as fly tiers bloody excited and let me tell these guys are the best full on pike fly fishers so go check em out and support a local pike only business you really don't need to go anywhere else here the link to there site and they ship world wide go check em out click the link below
so this will be my last post for a few days as I'm off to visit my bro ken at pike adventures in the USA and that is going to be madness so i will try to when i can update the blog as i can while I'm over there but most of the time ill be fishing so keep logging in ....
take care fluff fingers
a cave in the USA

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Nice bait fish