Tuesday, 4 May 2010

tuesday tie off with pike adventures

the Tuesday tie off with
pike adventures

today it was my choice and because there was no tie off last week due to me working split shifts i was gagging to get back to the vice so small bait wish was my choice this week in the 4 to 5 inch range enjoy

OK so to start off i used a plain white ep for the belly of the fly above , red ep fibre for the gills , the back is made with e.p sparkle and of course a piketrek eye i have put an epoxy head on this but really you can just glue them on if you wish i just like the action a weighted head gives you the hook is a 4/0 mustad big game

above , exactly the same as the fly above this one except i have used silver sparkle the hook is a 4/0 sakuma manta

so turning things on there head above with ep sparkle as a belly and backed with plain black ep fibre hook is a 4/0 sakuma manta eye is from http://www.piketrek.co.uk/


i have been very pre occupied lately with other materials so I've kind of let ep fibre slip by the wayside so i thought id get back into it for these ties and i enjoyed tying with it and it does make some nice baitfish flies


a pretty basic ep tie using white for the belly, tarpon streamer for the back and some crystal flash along the lateral line hook is a 4/0 mustad

same principle on this except I've used more red and green ep sparkle hook is a 4/0 mustad


so there you have it for this week another enjoyable and will be sure to be getting wet at some point soon remember to head over to ken at pike adventures and see what he came up with here's the link


rubberized eyes used in these ties and loads of other cool ties can be found at piketrek click the link below


till another day fluffchuckers


(a cave in Scotland)


Jeff said...

Nice stuff Dave! What do you do with all those flies!?!?

dave lindsay said...

i give a lot of flies away over the course of a year to those that are intersted iin fly fishing mate