Friday, 14 May 2010

hot legs

I'm hearing reports of a nice lump caught by one of the piketrek lads on a pike saber more news when i have it ill try and get the wgt in kg for European Friends as well
thanks to my American brother in fly tying ken capsey I've really got into tying smaller rubber legged flies not only for predator species across the pond but for the likes of chub and perch in the UK i think these will be deadly so enjoy the fruits of my tying today
enjoy the fly porn

all the flys are tied on size one alan yates worm hooks these are extremely sharp (as my thumb found out to its cost )

i may yet tie some knots in the legs depends how much wine i drink tonight

you may notice in the side bar i have placed a poll to see what is the favoured fly tying material take a second to vote it wont cost anything and you wont get spamed

and still i have space for more although not for long
tight lines brothers of the fluff

(a cave in scotland)

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