Tuesday, 11 August 2009

crazy time again

nothing to do with fishing for a change

an into to the Edinburgh fringe this stuff rocks

crazy time again yup sure is Edinburgh becomes a place for crazys in the month of august some of the fringe can be great some absolute garbage you cant walk more than without some fucker chucking a flyer for some show at you and the only reason you'd take a flier for a show is just to spend a couple of extra seconds with the hot chick giving them out( checkout the webcam on my blog in the afternoon for craziness)

oh for the love of god not another Elvis act you'd think they would learn nobody wants to see you your not funny and do you really think that your being original every year they come Elvis impersonators who actually sound and look more like shriek in a leather jacket than Elvis i mean just check out these 2 jokers below yawwwwwnnnnnnnnn guys if you want to see an original Elvis act check the video at the end of the post

Edinburgh bin me are on strike just know but the Edinburgh city council have bought in a private cleaning company to clear up the mess in the city center er hang on a min i know its tourist season and the festival is on but what about the poor fuckers like us who actually pay council tax who haven't had there rubbish lifted for 3 weeks oh of course we don't matter because the tourists don't come up were we live so stuff the locals come on get a grip because in the next few days I'm going to deliver my rubbish in person to the council offices where i pay my council tax which goes towards rubbish collection ill then send them an invoice for getting it there so there

OK rant over time for some original Elvis stuff well its a cross between Elvis and led zep enjoy and don't take life to serious .......back to fishing stuff tommorow

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pikepicker said...

Love it dude sounds like fun!!!! I would love to be there with ya cause i would help deliver your trash too...classic case of money well spent by people who make big decisions!!!! Not...send em a bill bro!