Sunday, 23 August 2009

how i spent my sunday

so i was on the phone to ken over at pike fishing adventures this morning and we were just chatting about ulf hagstroms wiggle tails when ken said "you know it would be really neat to have one of those wiggle tails on your sub bugs" well red rag to a bull bang went something in my head and the cogs started churning well i needed to up the size for a start so how was i going to put a tail on these , well after 3 coffees and baning my head against a door i came up with an idea not just a tail but a massive flex able body

so i thought id use some nylon coated wire that i had kicking around not to limp not to stiff should be perfect , and of course necessity is the mother of invention i had to come up with a way of rigging the wire up to be able to tye material onto it , so 2 vices were employed and a couple of up turned hooks loops in the end of the wire over the hooks and job done

the second vice with thread kept out the way note the loop and split ring the loop will be cut off and split ring re used , the ring is used just to get a little bit extra length should you need it to reach the hook in the vice

so the completed body section the tail end is bucktail and pearl flashbou the body is white marabou with pearl flashbou tied in to give a body flash effect

so the finished fly with red deerhair head and a great bendy body

and i mean bendy this is pulled towards me and springs back to original body position but stiff enough not to get fouled up on the hook

the normal fly position 8 inch's of snotrocket snack
so a ten min conversation and with ken in the states and a new fly comes together , takes a while to do is quite fiddly but i think its worth the effort i will experiment with other colours and see what happens
cheers ken and ulf


4 said...

That thing is freaking amazing. Beautiful fly.

dave lindsay said...

thanks matt have added your very cool blog to my links nice stripers dude