Thursday, 13 August 2009

just popping out

was chatting to ken over at pike fly fishing adventures about poppers and decided to have a go at making my own out of some of the brilliant foam he sent me here's the first ones

quite pleased with this one similar to bobs bangers the foam Ive just rolled into a tube on the hook and filled with hot melt glue I've no doubt this will catch fish

not the prettiest of flies but a bugger to get the right head shape i want this to spit water as it is stripped across the surface the more noise the better i think this will be a great fly for our European bass as well

more like a crease fly than a popper this but being made with foam i think it will make a great dying fish either on the surface or on a sinking line bobby style

big bad and very light this 8 inch fly should make some crazy action on the surface and a lot off noise ,

these are really only prototypes i still need to refine them a bit shape wise but i think I'm on the right track enjoy

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