Wednesday, 12 August 2009

what a great idea

what a great idea this was on mouldy chums blog so decided to have a closer look brilliant and simple idea to test flies before you hit the water unless your lucky enough to live next to a lake there is some great video footage of this in action over at there site below

i guess some people may stick fish in here as well

fly in action

thinking about it how about a small jack pike in the tank yea baby , so head on over and check out the site some brilliant stuff on there , i think they are only available in the USA but I'm sure they will make there way over to Europe at some point

the same company has a great website with some pretty neat fur products which even if you don't tie tube flies this fur would make a great material for normal pike fly hooks so click the link below for a look at there site and have a dig around as threes some great product for the predator angler on there

tight lines all

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opax said...

We have one similar device here (called Kalax) in my fishing club. For a review check