Thursday, 13 August 2009

urban predators

canals criss cross the UK providing thousands of miles of fishable water many a child take there first steps on a life time fishing adventure catching small roach and gudgeon on canals with cheap rods and a handful of maggots .

in Scotland there really isn't much in the way of canals in fact there is only 4 canals in Scotland From the majestic Caledonian Canal in the Highlands and picturesque Crinan Canal in Argyll and Bute, to the recently restored Forth & Clyde and Union Canals in the Lowlands, Scotland’s 137 mile (220km) of canals have pike in them possibly with the exception of the crinan canal I'm not sure on that one i know there is trout in there and runs of salmon bizarre on a canal

the union canal Edinburgh

fishing opportunity's on the canal are great if your a roach angler there is millions of the little buggers in there and there not always that easy to catch

pike and perch are also present in the canal but not to great sizes despite the amount of bait fish in there but get it right and you can have some great fun with small jacks on poppers

since the joining of the union canal with the forth and Clyde canal via the falkirk wheel there there seems to be more species getting into the system like carp and bream would kinda cool targeting carp in the summer on a fly rod but Alas in Edinburgh itself i cant really see that happening

for me the canal is a great place to test out new flies to see how they do in the water i mean its only ten Min's from my house

Slateford Aqueduct

The Water of Leith is crossed by the Union Canal on this fine aqueduct, one of several on this canal. Beyond is the more recent railway viaduct.
The Water of Leith is Edinburgh's hidden river, often flowing through deep gorges. It is remarkably clean and carries the fauna of an upland river. Dippers and Kingfishers breed in the city centre and are often seen. The trout fishing is good too. i have heard of people pike fishing on the river but not 100% sure there is pike in there but i suppose somebody could have put small jacks in from the canal above may be worth a walk along there to see if i can spot any .


pikepicker said...

GREAT post Bro....that looks awesome for pike fishing and only ten minutes! Have to let me know the results dude....

dave lindsay said...

sure buddy wont be there down there for a couple of weeks though

scott said...

The union canal looks really nice roundabout linlithgow, as you say though the predator fishing aint great. The water of leith also holds some grayling but unfortunately you cannot fish for them outwith the brown trout season, or it would be ideal as a distraction in winter.

dave lindsay said...

thanks for that scott never realised there was grayling in the water of leith mabey we can change there minds to have a bash at them in winter