Saturday, 22 August 2009

new ideas

ok so last week i had my mate mr shelton up for a ouple of days fishing and as with these things the day before the off we were trawling through each others fly boxes as you do , well mr shelton had some great looking large flies so decided to do some of my own versions but just tweeked a little the results of are below enjoy

this fly is 8 inchs long tied on a 6/0 ex strong aberdeen the bulk of the material is tied halfway back giving a bigger body shape and tapperning down to the tail end ive used icelandic sheep hair for this one for maximum movement in the water with pearl flashbou for the underbody the epoxy head is really down to preferance and not needed if you dont want it , without the epoxy the fly will stay high in the water .

same principal for this one as above except ive used alien har instad of icelandic sheephair making a lighter fly that wont absorb water

again icelandic sheephair but ive used more on the back to give a bigger profile

the classic red and white pattern you really cant go wrong wth this colour what ive done here is added a white icelandic sheephair underbody then red on top , this has a large epoxy bubble head to get it down deep and stay there

same again with the icelandic sheephair but ive used 2 differnt shades of orange on this one and slightly more flashabou for the underbelly

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pikepicker said...

Right on brother. Bring them over...will be hittin the ole bargan bin for ya today! Get you some of those orvis hooks to lash some stuff to. Remember to not drop any ashes on those flees......poof!