Tuesday, 1 February 2011

sandeels part deux

i have this terrible habit of falling into orvis on the way to work , doesn't help i have to get 2 buses and my bus stop for the second bus is right next door almost , well my wife doesn't let me have money anymore as she likes to make sure the children have at least one hot meal a week but she does give me lunch money unfortunately this is usually enough for a pack of tiemcos or some fly tying related stuff but hey at least the weights falling off ......:-)

sandeel material

so I'm not like a hook tart or anything and I'm really loving the piketrek hooks they are really outstanding for the dosh but as i was in orvis the other day and i didn't quite have enough on me for what i needed i decided to do a comparison with the tiemco hooks to the piketrek ones and i must say i was pleasantly surprised at the outcome but i have plenty of testing to do yet

sand eel heaven
I'm back on the sand eel trail because i know that there is also variations on colour so decided to do some white belly's on these and change the flash for some lime crinkle flash and mess about with the eye type and I'm actually delighted the way they turned out these are all 3/0 and around the 4 inch mark

the couple of strands of crinkle flash give it a nice subtle flash the head is piketreks Mr bond I've left the flies head first in the UV lamp for a full 5 Min's , as I'm mass tying them ill coat and stick it in there and move on to the next one and the Mr bond really does go rock solid and with no browning at all i just love the stuff , it has some great properties also , if you want it quite runny to get right into the fibres stick it on top of a radiator for a few Min's or a small cup of hot water , if you want it thick for precision work tick it in the fridge for a couple of Min's truly brilliant stuff and cheap as anything see more by click the link below

so with my daft redneck brother ken capsey having spilled beer on his laptop its really too funny to write about (give it a few days and ill post the story) I'm left to ponder some patterns for my trip to top water heaven and largemouth lunkerville in July and i thought to myself i think these sand eels would do pretty well on one particular lake we fished and I'm sure these will have the horses going nuts so going to tie a shed load more not that i lose flys in fact last year i didn't lose one fly but best to be on the safe side .............and no doubt a few will make there way into rednecks box

so having tied a few up i started thinking pickerel , you see ken has this pond he fishes which has a pretty healthy population of them and some are a good size as well so with these just being a mini pike i scaled up a bit on the size but not full pike snack size and to give a tasty looking morsel , its tied the same way as the sand eels with the exception that I've added some red DNA fibre into the head and added a bigger eye still basically the same fly though and i think it will do the job

this week i seem to have got rocket up my backside and long may it continue maybe its because its warmer in these parts maybe its because I'm on the pre plan for my stateside trip and getting stuff together (more on that in the next few days) but at the moment i gotta say life is good
take care fellow brothers of the art
Dave Lindsay
(a cave in Scotland)


Jose said...

Mate, you kick ass!!!!!

dave lindsay said...

lol thanks jose