Friday, 28 January 2011

sandeel fly

what a bloody life being a sandeel pretty much everything wants to eat you not only below the surface but above it as well birds love em as well , way back i used to use them as a pike bait they caught fish nothing big but they caught fish , they were also great for freshwater eels as well , so with a trip planed to a rather nice place in Scotland for some crash diving Pollock i needed to get some made up

The sandeel is a very effective bait fish for almost all popular saltwater sports fish in Europe from Spain to Scotland, and in the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. Sand eel is the first choice pray for popular species such as trout, salmon, bass, mackerel, garfish and pollack. so this is a pattern i really needed to have in my fly box for the saltwater

so i set to work and produced the above , the thing is there are thousands of patterns out there for sandeel flies and there is some differences in colouration as well i like the yellow and olive look seems to work well in Scottish waters , but then so do white and blue , pink and white are amongst other colours that are also good maybe just maybe the shape and movement is the key to these patterns

i posted a couple of pictures on facebook ( pike flies if you want to hook up) and was quite amazed at the PMs i got asking for a step by step for this fly so i did one click the picture above to go take a look if you wanna make it you only need four bits of materials now that's value for money right there

I'm defiantly going to try these flies in freshwater as well as i think they could also be taken for a minnow and i really see no reason why these wouldn't catch , i mean imagine a smallmouth turning its nose up at this mmmmmmm don't think so ,
i have a few ideas for some variations on these like adding a foam under body to create a surface pattern , i think that would work really well in smaller sizes drifted on rivers or when theres a lot of minnows just under the surface , the other is to do some of these is dace colours in fact thats next on the hit list because i did so well on these on my first days fishing with redneck they really cleaned up so im confident on making these for my 2 week trip this year and catching on them

so with that I'm off to the desk to get cracking on some , I've got a day off today so may as well make the most off it ,
I'm looking for a set of ant cutters if you have some that you don't use id happily swap for some pike/musky/saltwater flies if you have please mail me using the email in the side menu
see you all soon
(a cave in Scotland)

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