Tuesday, 18 January 2011

busy busy busy

been a funny old start to the year lots of different stuff going on but very little fishing due to the amount of ice on the waters up here , but that's starting to thaw now and trips are in the offing and I'm looking forward to chucking some flies about which brings me neatly to my next topic
you may have noticed that its been pretty quiet this week on my blog , well that's because I've been asked by the chaps at pike trek to design a set of predator flies for them , which i must say i was delighted to do , these will be exclusive to the piketrek brand and not available anywhere else

i have always turned down offers from company's to do this before for the simple reason that the quality of the flies that come back is not brilliant i mean the flies are shipped of and made mostly in Africa by guys that have no interest in fishing as a sport and probably they get paid for the amount they make so its in there interest to get as many done as possible the company's that produce these are mostly trout and salmon fishing firms who really couldn't give a stuff about pike flies they just want people to by there gear it wasn't so long ago that these very same people were and probably still are knocking predators on the head because they see pike as vermin and trust me this still does happen in the UK , i mean how on earth can you justify selling pike flies when your actively killing the very fish that you want Joe public to buy product for just makes no sense
if your reading this as one of those anglers or company's allow me to point you in the direction of an interesting article you'll find it here
there are a few exceptions to this rule which you'll find further down the page but I'm happy to design these flies for piketrek knowing that these are going to be produced in the UK by people that give a damn about pike flies and pike fly fishing so pleasure to be on board and watch for further announcements
piketrek boys know what there talking about

the exception to the rule
nick at www.deercreek.co.uk is the exception to the rule , nicks business is mostly trout and salmon but he has the foresight to get together some of the best guys in pike and saltwater tying to produce fly designs for him , which are manufactured overseas but not in Africa , his mass produced flies are some of the best you can get for the money because he cares about what he does and that's why i also tie for deer creek. but i tie a limited run of flies and when there gone there gone

click the picture below to go there and get your hands on some great predator flies

if you are upset with today's blog and wish to respond please mail me , i can only go on what I've seen and the flies i have seen and fished with am i wrong to ask for a product from somebody who gives a toss about what they fish for no its not thats why im doing what im doing thats the end of politics for this year .

(a cave in Scotland)

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