Wednesday, 19 January 2011

somewhere over the rainbow

i make no apologies I'm very picky when it come to my fish that i eat especially trout species , you see i love rainbow trout , i mean a freshly caught rainbow from a clear water grilled with black pepper is a meal fit for a king a finer taste is hard to find , of course the taste some people say is quite bland , well if you buy it from a supermarket then it probably is .
i once many years ago had supposedly fresh trout from a supermarket and it tasted awful and it looked even worse the only reason i knew it was a rainbow trout was from its spots , so from that day i decided that if i ever ate it again it would be fresh from somewhere i had caught it end of story .
catching my dinner and enjoying some sport

so today I'm not writing about pike and tying predator flies I'm talking about the humble trout and trout fly and some of the things i tie for them well to be honest its not just trout flies these also do me for course fish as well but ill save that one till the summer ......

indeed it may surprise you to know that although I'm fairly well known for the pike and predator flys i do , i also just for fun like to go back to my schoolboy roots on the tweed and tie up tiny flies its fairly therapeutic for me to do this and i do at least once a week I'm not talking dozens of flies at a time just a few to top my boxes up

this pattern has always been a great one for roach its quite simply a rubber leg wound round a hook and tied of with black thread to give it a head like appearance of course nothing like the realistic boys and gals do but it works for me

this is about as small as i can tie a size 20 something or other not quite perfect but nearly there and again another good one for roach and I've had a few trout on this as well

epoxy buzzers are a blast to do quite easy and since getting a UV kit from piketrek they are even easier to do you could get carried away with these and just do thousands of em but usually i do half a dozen at a time as ill end up giving some away on the bank because they catch fish

its not long before my mind wanders to predators and i end up making a few muddler minnows , these i love to use on waters where there is a perch presence as this will not only catch trout but fished on a sinking line it really does the business for perch especially in the summer month's

you can tell what flies are my catching patterns because i tie a lot of then ill let you browse the picture above and you can probably tell what style and colour i like best
tight lines flingers
(a cave in scotland)

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brian said...

Beautiful Pics Buddy! Man its gorgeous out there! Glad the rod treated you well! I cant believe the coloring on that rainbow. You made the right choice heading to the sunshine, sometimes thats all it takes for bugs to start moving and fish come stalking..Cheers!