Wednesday, 12 January 2011

light at the end of the tunnel

Fly fishing films and videos
Martin joergensen from global fly fishers raises a few points on fly fishing videos what he likes and doesn't like and far play to him he does actually raise a few points that I agree with and some I don’t , I suppose its down to taste when he talks about a fast forward clip of loading a boat with gear that would take 25 Min's maybe in normal time but seeded up it takes 25 seconds well I actually like that and martin doesn't well that doesn't make him a bad person doesn't make me a bad person for liking it , I thought it was a very interesting article , click the link below to go visit the offending read on the global fishers fly site .

the lonesome piker
fly tying friend Stefaan Demiddele, (the lonesome piker) has now started uploading his own tying videos you can find them here , also check out his blog in my blog roll very entertaining and always a good read and some really great ideas and superb pike flies here is the link to stefaans blog

genesis fibre from piketrek
piketrek have launched there new genesis fibre this stuff we think is absolutely devastating , and as always with piketrek its cheap as chips but still the great quality you have come to expect from them the picture below doesn't really do it justice I just cant seen to capture the stunning colours in the stuff really just buy a pack you wont be disappointed , they have also managed to source some big size fish gills I'm going to have some fun with these nice one chaps , here's the link to the new fibre .

could there be a thaw on the way
you wouldn't think so from the picture below well i took a long work yesterday down my local just to check it out and to see if there was the odd spot i could maybe get into with the fly and although there was the odd spot under Bridges that's were clear of ice I've never had anything from these swims before so don't know if i should just hang on for my favorite hot swims to clear like the one below hopefully with rain today it wont be long

one of the bridge swims below yup looks really promising but never had anything from these spots before but its still nice to look into this clear water just maybe you'd get a glance of a baitfish or two but this water sees all the baitfish shoal up in the deeper water before they spread out when it warms up so ill probably wait till it thaws at these spots to have a go

you got to laugh
as a rule i usually hate any kind of litter and abuse of the waterways but i had to laugh when i saw this maybe if it stays in place it will become a feature to fish to but i doubt it somebody from the posh houses will complain and the council will be down with a team of a 50 workers to access the health and safety angle of removing it from the ice ahhhhhhhh red tape gone mad but i thought id share it with you anyway

lots of very cool stuff has happened in the last few weeks so ill tell all over the next few days but I'm very excited about some new projects and looks like weather permitting I'm going to get out somewhere next week , although not as cool as my brother who's heading of to Florida for a weeks fishing tomorrow look forward to kens pike adventures updates while hes down there chasing peacocks , big largemouths and anything else that's daft enough to throw itself on the rednecks hook

(a thawing cave in Scotland)


the lonsome piker said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dave!

And I think, that Christmas tree is a Santa-trap, that sled of his must weigh a few pounds (and so does he), so if he falls trough the ice… well, I’ve heard they pay a good price for a genuine Santa on the black market.

Anonymous said...

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