Saturday, 1 January 2011

last ties of 2010

so my final ties of the year yesterday was a bunch of clousers why well simply because i wanted to and the clouser minnow is a fly that will catch you fish no mater where you are in the world these crazy little creatures will catch pretty much everything from trout to stripers and a million different colour combinations to try , below are just some of my favorite colours and colours that you could throw in any water around the globe , thanks to for the eyes and piketrek for the hooks if you want to try these hooks click the link below ,more on hooks in a future post again apologies for the rubbish pics ill be getting a new camera next week so back to normal ...................:-)

so with these clousers there's pretty much only one colour i wouldn't be without and that's chartreuse over white you'll catch anywhere with that in fresh water its probably mistaken for a small minnow in saltwater mistaken maybe for a sandeel but it catches fish

below is a another great all round colour grey over white with some pearl flashbou in about the belly tied on a 2/0 hook

a slightly different take on the old favorite just by adding some deer creek gator eyes in different colours a new look can be achieved quite easily without losing the overall effectiveness of the fly

again slightly different take added flat eyes on this one and a small wrap of piketreks UV fritz just add something a little different

and finally i had a mail from alexsander who is a fly fisher in Siberia of all places now he loved the smaller flies i had done with the gasto fibre the other day and has ordered some from piketrek along with some rattles and hooks to make them but wanted to the position of the rattle well here you go hope that's what you wanted a pleasure to help

so with that I'm now on the start of a new year and have got a ton of new and exciting stuff to tie up loads of trips and days out to think about yea think its going to be a good year , i hope yours is just as good , and many thanks again to all the followers and visitors to my blog and websites I'm truly humbled by your nice comments
(a cave in Scotland)

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