Thursday, 30 December 2010

a fine new year

well we are only a couple of days away from a brand new year and I'm lucky enough to live in one of the best city's in the world for a new year celebration yup Edinburgh has a great hogmany but for me there will be no getting pissed this year as I'm working right through , oh well at least I've got a new bunch of stuff to play with from the chaps at piketrek including some rather nice hooks


so with plenty to get my brain into gear and ideas flowing i waste no time in getting some flies together and testing the hooks i got which by the way are pretty dam good for the price bloody sharp and most importantly bloody strong
piketrek have been out on the hunt again bringing us yet more fantastic tying materials this time in the form of gasto fibre , i haven't had much chance to play with it yet during the festivities i have had a few ideas and one is for a smaller bait fish to fish hook up on the bottom a very nice mobile material that is very easy to tie with

so the fly below is tied on piketrek eagle claw jig hook and has a rattle built onto the top of the hook shank doing this means not only do you have a very attractive bottom fly with an added attraction of a rattle but it will flip over and fish hook up every time , when i did a soak test in the bath with this (yes i took it into the bath) it has a fantastic fat minnow profile


so tied the above fly up which i suppose is a bit of a hybrid between a humongous trout fly and a murdich minnow but this has a rattle built in , i looked at this and was so impressed that it would be a great fly for a local venue and has everything i need for a catching predators on this very hard local venue but i reckon it will do the business on any water so i had to tie a box full as I'm sure a couple of my Buddy's will no doubt pinch a couple got a good feeling about these all we need now is some De iced water to try them but that will be soon

i think this fly will be a killer this year and i don't just think for pike i really think this will do the business with any species that eats minnows , shiners , or baitfish in general both fresh and saltwater click the link below to go take a look or purchase a pack at a great price

till the new year folks


hopefully also new year will also see my brother put his bottle down get his head out of his rectum and give me a call or hes going to get a 6/0 up his backside


the lonsome piker said...

a happy new year to you too, Dave!

pikepicker said...

great stuff as always brother looking forward to a great 2011 with ya buddy!!!

OutsmartingFish said...

Those roaches are super fly looking bugs. Soo buggy. I'm gonna have to give those a whirl.