Friday, 10 December 2010

big up the creeks and gurglers

so it goes finally there is a ray of hope in fact theres been rays of sunshine which has melted 80% of the snow now although my local wont be fit to fish for a few days that's if the temps stay as they are but if they do me and a mate will be heading to a water for a day on a boat chasing big green mean fish , however its being said that we have yet to get more snow on Monday if we don't then great we will be fishing if we do the water will freeze up and that will be it till new year hell that's fishing for ya
so with that and in case we get out i started getting some stuff sorted "again" which brings me nicely to this point , pike flys can be big ,big boxes are expensive here's a simple solution for both the bank and boat angler , i have covered video boxes before as a storage solution and here is a perfect bag to keep em it what it is , is a sea angling bait cool bag which holds as you see 11 video boxes , now you could use this just as a grab bag to chuck a load of flies in or you can use it as a main tackle bag , has a zip section on the bottom that you could keep either spare spools or tackle items if you fancy one here's a link to buy them in the UK cheap as chips

nothing new with the famous gartside gurgler the pattern has been long prized by top water bass and stripper anglers in the sates for quite a number of years I've been using them for pike after talking to gurgler devote ken capsey years ago to great effect I've even seen some really badly tied pike versions of gurgler I've seen some fantastic ties from American gurgler fishers its indeed a hell of a fly

i used the fly to great effect fished in amongst some really heavy jungle on lake Champlain in Vermont after large mouths and i could believe how well this fly worked and the fantastic fish catching quality's this fly has i mean its not a hard fly to make you just have to have a bit of imagination with colours and you can pretty much come up with some great looking surface flies

so i was quite impressed when i picked up a copy of fly fishing and fly tying magazine here in the UK and it had quite a spread on the fly for UK species this actually really surprised me as we are quite behind when it comes to new ideas in this country you want to see the looks i get when i was using this down my local in the summer , the one thing the article did say was that you could use this on a sinking line to give it a different look under the surface , must say i haven't yet tried this but i do remember tying up some bobs bangers years ago for a day on big clear water pike venue and i used a section of lead core to get in down and although i didn't catch on it , it really did shake its tail in the water so there may be something in it will have to try it out

pike sized thunder creeks
the thunder creek fly needs no introduction and i said the other day i was going do some pike sized versions now i say pike sized versions i think we are all aware that pike will take the small flies its been well documented about 20lb + fish taking gold heads and nymphs , so i decided to do some larger than normal thunder creeks the flies below are tied on 5/0 up tide hooks basic green and white patterns with a touch of red and some gator eyes from deer creek finises them of lovely and to be honest i reckon these would catch pretty much any fish the eats other fish

I've also on these used pike treks Mr bond UV cure to seal the eyes in you can add in on the tie some red angel hair for a gill flash or you can just use a perm marker i quite look forward to using them once every where de ices

so with he weekend fast approaching and hopefully some of you especially in warmer climates will be getting out to do some fishing wish i bloody was if you are have fun and catch you at the start of next week for more fun in fur feathers and synthetics
(never been kicked of a venue for being a tosser in his life)

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Again some flies to add on my list “tie these!” (man, that list is getting endless).