Friday, 3 December 2010

its snow joke

you couldn't have failed to notice if you live in the UK that theres been a few snow showers in the UK and the whole country seems to now have ground to a halt , we in this country are just not prepared for snow like this simply because it just doesn't happen that often that we get really bad snow here , other country's like Canada and north America have pretty much the same extreme conditions every year so government and indeed the locals are used to it and don't think twice about it when it does happen they are prepared for it

i feel very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Edinburgh in the snow is a beautiful place the picture below i took on my way to work yesterday funnily enough orvis is only 2 seconds away from this spot .......mmmmmmmm

so after sitting at the bench for a while as i couldn't get into work this week , although i did manage to get in for an hour yesterday to give some homeless guys some food I've been going pretty stir crazy , i booked a date for wed with my buddy for maybe getting out for a fluff but we will just have to keep an eye out on the weather


so with that theres really only one thing to do and thats get your favorite fishing hat on get down to your pants and get out into the snow merry Christmas ...........:-)

ye all come back soon now


(a cave in Scotland)

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