Saturday, 4 December 2010

ho ho ho and other exotic destinations

you just got to hand it to the guys over at piketrek as seasoned anglers and not five min know it all bull shitters they really know what to do with a fly , uncle greg head tying honcho with the chaps has produced predator fly packs like no other , why like no other well because they will catch you fish full stop they have the videos to back that up as well
these packs are fantastic for the everyday predator fly anglers who maybe doesn't tie his own flies , well not everybody has the time with work and family commitments so h has produced these fantastic off the shelf packs that will get any pike interested (just click the picture below to go there and check em out , they are selling fast )

(4 different selections)

from pike treks site
These flies are simply super value-for-money and provide "confidence in a bag", take them out and give the pike a thrashing! These flies will catch pike on any venue, and outscore attractor flies many times over.

These flies are "cheap and cheerful" versions of the real macoy, and are absolutely perfect for situations where you are likely to lose tackle amongst snags and rocks etc. or on the bottom in boulder-strewn rivers. GUARANTEED FISH-PULLING POWER FOR LITTLE MONEY, do not be fooled into thinking these flies are the same as the shit that you see in the shops, they really do work!


They all feature top quality materials in their construction, including Holographic Gills, Holographic eyes and superb sharp 5/0 nickel-plated hooks, and feature epoxy-finished heads for extra durability,(although please be aware that they will not last as long as the U.V. Resin heads on our Premium flies).
got me thinking

dear Friend , guide and fly fishing headcase drew price from
had a very interesting post on his blog on his top ten dream freshwater fly fishing locations you know as drew said if i one the lotto where would i go fishing , well i thought about it after reading his blog and thought about it some more and came up with the following facts


saltwater fly fishing is fun hell yea I've done that I've caught barracuda , I've caught sailfish in the gulf to 96lb , I've caught flatfish in the estuaries of Scottish rivers , I've caught European sea bass and sea trout just down the road from me , I've had Pollock near pulling my arm off but my first love is fresh water so with that here's my top ten cheers drew

My dream fish and destinations

1 – bowfin lake champlain (the fish pictured above) big nasty loads of teeth and ive already had a couple of close encounters with this son of a bitch devil fish next year I will be getting one

2 – smallmouth bass lake carmi – when you get a good sized fish they are like fighting wild stalions had a trophy fish already so I know , and me and capsey know where the big fish are in may

3 – largemouth bass lake champlain – out of the lillypads on top waters , heart stopping stuff already done it but need bigger

4 – muskie vermont , didn’t happen for me this year with the fish of a thousand casts but confidence is high for next year

5 – smallmouth bass from a river , already done this but I want a horse next time

6 – lake trout , lake champlain , 50/50 chance on this one but you never know

7 – carp lake champlain , i want a big american carp on the fly this I think will happen next year

8 – white perch , lake champlain already had a trophy fish but I want a bigger one

9 – sheephead lake champlain these are like turbo charged freshwater gts I know a man who can help me out

10 – chain pickerel lake x , had a few already but I want a real big one and I know a man whos going to put me on them,

theres a few species ive left out but will still be gunning for bigger ones than ive had rock bass , yellow perch , fall fish , suckers , catfish , sunnies etc the list goes on

so there you have it and holy mother of mary ive already fished in my dream destination and im going again for 2 weeks next year ,to the great state of vermont and its fish I raise a glass and be seeing ya next year

(a cave in scotland)


Bhare said...

Well at least you can knock em all off in one trip buddy. If you do it in one day I'll cover the tab at Chez Dianne.

flypredator said...

I know a couple of guys who can definitely help you out with that... looking forward to it in the spring!

John said...

If you'd like to get all 10 in one location, try the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada.