Monday, 20 December 2010

its getting closer

oh yes this time of year i think about getting my shit together my USA trip this time I'm going for 2 weeks i have some personnel bests and some big fish to catch oh and i guess ill have to take 2 pairs of pants see ya soon VT

so with still no fishing because off iced up extreme winter conditions (well for Scotland anyway) its time to get down and do some tying

on the menu today is snacks for i supply them with limited runs of some top pike patterns tied by me so head on over and grab em before there gone

or you may want to tie them yourself materials are
hook -4/0
belly - white ep fibre
back - mullet e.p fibre
gill flash - piketrek orange spectrum twist
eyes - deercreek gator eyes
thread - clear mono
varnish - piketreks final overcoat

easy as that enjoy

(a cave in Scotland)


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

we all need to get together this time....

dave lindsay said...

hell yea pat think that will happen will trty and arrange nearer the time

flypredator said...

Please keep your pants on this time... Ken is scarred for life from your last visit!