Friday, 7 January 2011

bloody weather and new ideas

bloody weather , i know it is far worse in other parts of the world when it comes to iced up water and some places wont be ice free till like march , i count myself lucky that I'm probably going to be scraping big flies on the bottom within a few weeks but you know it still annoys me and drives me to frustration that i cant even fish my local and to catch a fleeting glance of the water as i go to work but to see it still iced is bloody annoying but as i said i know I'm lucky that i will be fishing again soon mate even said he had got his stuff out just to have a look at it again


if you look at the picture below you'll see its date stamped 15Th of Jan 2005 and here i am a week before that picture was taken all those years ago with frozen venues , although it has to be said this could all disappear in the space of a week so theres hope yet

being not able to fish means ive got a chance to go though some of my flies and retire some of the catcher flies that are now a little past it and do new ones so first of many boxes and wallets to be checked is the big finsport ken from pike adventures sent me last year i love this wallet as you can clip a strap to it and travel really ultra light great for those spur of the moment trips just grab the bag pliers in your pocket rod in hand and off you go .

with fly rods mostly being 3 or 4 piece this is also great to stick in the boot of a car takes up little room so maybe if your passing somewhere on the way home from work you can just grab it and be fishing in Min's cant be bad , the wallet itself is this one

i keep a selection of sizes in mine from massive flies to small clousers just enough to cover most situations with its many pockets you can also keep a fair amount of leaders in just one of the pockets

OK so you've probably noticed I've got a bit of a liking for orange and gold so i have a whole bundle of variations on the theme hey you cant keep a good tier down

the flies in the foam drying section are from my last trip the foam heads worked fantastic when used on a floating line they just sit there a mere inch under the surface a pinch on the line and i swear these things really do look like a small fish moving slowly under the surface gulping down insects , an ideal pike snack i have found these work best in clear water up to around 6 ft deep but I've not scientifically tested that theory
necessity is the mother of invention

i really needed a box just for clousers and i simply cant afford the proper bugger barn type boxes to store them so i came with the idea of using one of my sons old playmobile boxes (honestly he don't use them anymore) so i got one of these yoga matts and cut out the shape then glued it in the top corner is the last to be done once you have glued the majority of it in add the last bit of glue and push up into the corner for a snug fit
so below as you can see the standard sized clouser fits nicely into the box

fully loaded ,well sort off i will still be able to fit the same amount in again , that's a helluva lot of clousers , I've still got a few boxes to go through so this will be full in no time i suspect a surge in sales of playmobile boxes

well I'm still working out the ins and outs of the new camera but so far it seems to tick all the boxes the picture below is a basic baitfish and certainly looks better than my old camera

the picture below was done on the camera not down loaded and then edited so impressed with that , of course time will tell still got to get it out on the bank and get some video and stills in natural light but I'm hopeful and with a bit of luck i wont drop it in the drink

so with that I'm off to tie up some shinny things c ya all soon
(a cave in Scotland)

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