Sunday, 23 January 2011

new website

OK I've gone and done it I've made a site just for tying predator flies my other site has tying patterns on it and also a load of other stuff to do with tying predator flies , but people are still mailing me because they want to know how to do something or a particular fly so i thought it would be far easier if i direct people strait to a Taylor made fly tying site for predators so click the link below and you've got it

you ll also find a page on materials suppliers on this page you will find products i use everyday for my flies , that means physically use them and fish with them i will not add a product or a company till I've used it.

fly fishing and fly tying is a passion and a fire that grew from a small spark as a small boy fishing for wild brownies on the river tweed in Scotland , I'm happy to share my many years of knowledge to anyone that asks .......enjoy the site and keep checking back for updates

(a cave in Scotland)


JEFF said...

Nice Dave! Good job on that new website. I'm a fan of those Subbugs!
I'll help spread the word.

the lonsome piker said...

Very well done, Dave. There are some really interesting things on it. Thanks for sharing!