Sunday, 2 January 2011

hot bunnys

i don't like wasting anything cant stand it , I've paid for it I'm going to use every bloody bit of flash , bucktail , flash or fur i have a large ziplock bag that i throw every scrap of whatever in , you see i keep thinking anything i don't need even a couple of single strands of bucktail could be used in some kind of fly for small species roach etc so nothing gets wasted
with this in mind i had an inch section of gatso fibre left from the other days roach rope flies , so i had one of those moments when something just pops into your head , i thought i could add a nice little flash collar to a clouser with that and it would work well because it would be tied on before the back colour mmmmmm job done fly below (new camera in 5 days )

been playing with piketreks spectrum flash to make big but very light baitfish there is nothing new in making all tinsel flies I've just done something slightly different by hollow tying it adding eyes and including rattles below is a few examples of what Ive been playing with all the materials and hooks can be purchased from the hooks Ive used are piketreks very own 5/0 heavy duty hooks available here if you haven't tried these hooks yet take a chance they really are pretty bloody good and sharp as my wife's tongue

hot head Bunny's
so bunny bugs I'm determined to give them a good go this year so I've played with them a bit Ive tied them in normal bunny bug style but I've added spectrum twist heads to them and crystal eyes from deercreek again the picture is rubbish but I'm picking up a new camera next week but I'm sure you'll get the idea

and finally a big shout out to my brother ken good to speak to you and it wont be that long before I'm there chasing fish with you again so hang in there brother

why the picture of pork scratchings well i cant get VT jerky here THAT'S A BLOODY HINT BRO ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

see ya soon folks
(a cave in Scotland)

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OutsmartingFish said...

Lot's of dope flies on here. Bookmarked for sure!