Saturday, 23 April 2011

does my fly look big in this

just the other day i had a chap round to talk pike flies and fly tying as my other job is tying lessons (great rates) so i was showing him a few flies that he was going to be doing normal 6 inch's simply baitfish to get him started which he seemed to find pretty cool but his eyes were drawn to one of the bigger 10 inch flies that i had on my board what the **** is that for he asked well it was a pattern i had done for musky an absolute corker of a fly that screams eat me .

he said i thought it was a fly for shark surly no pike or musky will attack that , well you know predators are just that predators and if they think its an easy meal then of course its going to have a go i mean look at the picture below somebody sent me and tell me the flys to big the only thing that limits the size of fly is the rods ability to cast it , but let me tell you I've cast 13 inch flies before on the saber problem he was impressed

so on the subject of flies i shall this week launch the second pike and predators fly tying disc . 2.1 is simply a follow on from the first very successful disc , this time there is around 50 new patterns with there recipes covering all sorts of natural and synthetic fibres step by step photo videos and lots more again these discs i don't sell i swap for hooks and fly tying materials so stay tuned and ill post next week when its ready . there's nothing better than tying your own flies and catching fish on them stay tuned

things you may have noticed have been a bit slow on the posting this week because I've been pretty busy with projects and work and stuff I've had a chap wanted 100 flies so I've been busy doing that and trying to get some smallmouth patterns together and stockin up the boxes for my American trip in July although what I'm going to do with 500 Chernobyl ants for the rivers smallies is any ones guess , I'm also being sent some stp bodies from a tying Friend smoking prince check out his very cool blog here or in the side menu he does some mean stuff , id seen some of his work on the fly tying forum so asked him a couple of questions about the frogs as i thought they would be cool for pike over here in summer as well as large mouths in July , he kindly agreed to send me some body's to try , i in return am sending him some big ol pike flies thanks again buddy

part of an order 99 to go

I've also received a new delivery of hooks and eyes from the guys at piketrek nice to see they have manged to source some reasonably priced rattle eyes these are fantastic for subbugs and dalberg divers as they really do give of a great rattle when stripped and paused a lot of people just glue these eyes on with super glue i like to stick them on a blob of 5 min epoxy give a little weight to the head and make them bomb proof so they don't come off it does help to give a thin coat over the eye as well this helps protect against the eye being pierced by teeth as a pierced eye doesn't give of the same rattle and if it creates a big enough hole then the rattle eye dies completely so a thin coat of epoxy always does the trick

also got sent some more of there awesome spectrum fibre in sapphire blue this stuff is fantastic for deep-water flies and roach patterns funny that blue seems to be a colour ignored in this this country i know of a few anglers who use blue flies but overall most people wouldn't even think about it great colour looks fantastic in the water get some, tie with some ,get results with it

spectrum flash fibre

ken from pike adventures is pretty much ice free now although still a little cold but him and Brian the grill headed out and tackled some fishing and he managed a small walleye on an old fenwick rod , funally enough it was in the same spot i had my trophy smallmouth last year nice going brother ill be hitting that same spot very soon .......buzzing going to be awesome to catch up with my Vermont family and friends fishing with Brian and ken is always great fun if Brian the griller was anymore laid back he would fall over get the steak out Brian and a shot of kraken

happy days people


(a cave in Scotland)

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Thanks for the shout out. I do appreciate it. I would be interested in both discs as I never got the first one. Let me know what you want/need brother.