Wednesday, 6 April 2011

on the surface

playing with river smallmouths on the top

you ll be aware that if you follow this blog you'll know that I'm from Scotland , and you'll also realise that smallmouth bass are a bit short on the ground in Scotland this one the reason i posted this picture from last year is that although its not the biggest smallie out of a river or Even a specimen size i had about 20 plus of these out of kens local river just in a couple of hours and all on Chernobyl ants they just couldn't seem to get enough of them .

funny thing was i was wanting to catch as many species as i could on the fly over there and ken said this stretch of river had loads of fall fish great i thought one more to the list well ken was fishing just a short ways up from me , still in talking distance and he shouts over "hey i got a fall fish wanna look" cockily i said Na its cool ill get one in the next few casts if there about , so this year when i get over there I'm hoping to add this species to my caught on the fly list ...cough cough cocky sod that will teach me

so I've set about making some smallie crack with the aid of some awesome hoppin mad legs from deer creek i really think threes just something about these legs that says eat me i just hope the critters in the rivers think so

a more trad type of ant except that i make segmented underbodies just think it looks a bit more eat me probably makes no difference at all as by having the back flat it will get the same silhouette in the water (can you believe i have trouble going to sleep sometimes wondering about shit like that) i do actually really enjoy making these things crazy looking creatures
here's a pretty new tie of mine consists of a classic streamer hook , i get these from brother ken as i cant get them over here fantastic hook and bloody sharp plus the bonus of tons of shank room to make a crunchy snack

so a few more for the box of foam next up is some crease flies July's getting ever closer see ya later


(a cave in Scotland)

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