Tuesday, 5 April 2011

happy days are here again

its like waiting for a bus sometimes waiting for packets and parcels to arrive , i was waiting for a parcels from my brother at pike adventures ken capsey and a parcel from nick over at deercreek and of course by some strange twist of fate both arrive on the same day you have really got to love the UK post sometimes


kens parcel was very welcome as it contained a pack of my favorite jerky in the world ever Rosie's Vermont beef jerky , a couple of large Hershey bars and a pack of the best coffee in the world green mountain let me tell you that stuff kick started me for the early morning trips i did on Champlain with ken very very very tasty and of course whenever i get a parcel from ken there's always a fly fishing or tying mag in there as well these mags are far better than the dross we get in this country ......so thanks brother for the mercy pack

this will be a very rare shot an unopened packet of it , you may wonder why i have sun glasses and my fishing bum hat on well that is to enhance the whole drinking coffee eating jerky VT experience if i close my eyes i could be there all again , well i will be soon anyway

a close up of the prized packet , you know i wouldn't be surprised if this was the only packet in the UK and its all mine ...........actually I'm going to take it on a tour of Edinburgh show it the site and stuff give the jerky the whole tourist thing before i crack it open i think that's only the fair thing to do its travelled so far it would be a shame not to give it a little respect


brother nick Jedi master from www.deercreek.co.uk sent me some really nice sea green gliss and glint plus the other day which i did some quite sexy jack pike patterns i sent him a mail asking if he could do me a custom blend and he sent me this sample and i have to say he really did get it bang on with the shading what i wanted ,ill be tying up some samples later .........

with my impending u.s.a trip getting ever closer i also got some of nicks insect legs ,I'm going to do a load if chernobyl ant type vi-bro flies with these for small mouth bass and fall-fish on a river me and ken had a great afternoon on really hyped for that and for tying these bugs should be awesome I've also got a load of crease flies to do as well so i really ought to get my finger out as no doubt my fly fishing brothers over there will also end up having some make there way into there fly boxes .......doom bugs , vi-bro ants , sub bugs , gurglers , and small bait fish patterns for the pickerel hell yes id better get a move on ...... oh and of course some big kick ass musky flies and some flies for nick

so with a spring in my step and the vice in my bag and work this evening I'm just going to fill up with some go go juice as i fell a massive tying session coming on this week

so once again many thanks to the troops for the mercy packs

ken and nick cheers fellas


(juiced up in a cave in Scotland)

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smokinprice said...

wow nice packages. It is like Christmas in April! Congrats.