Thursday, 7 April 2011

return of the croc

about this time last year i was getting ready for my stateside trip , ken had advised me to get some crocs for the boat as it was by far the best thing to wear just slip em on and off and fish bare feet , of course ken knows his stuff so id go with that if that's whats needed that's what ill get , unfortunately i couldn't get em over here so ken said not to worry he would pick me a pair up before i got there , he did warn me however that id find it hard to take them off , and he wasn't wrong the pair below are now nearly a year old and to be honest I've had them on pretty much everyday since that trip back in may

Houston we have a problem

my beloved crocs have developed a hole in one of them and I'm not going to be back in the states chasing fish with fluff till July so emergency repairs are called for till i get there the picture below shows the offending hole

i thought for a bit about what to do as i want to get another pair over there as there way to expensive in this country so an emergency plan was called for

the solution was actually quite simple i took an old insole from my wife's Birkenstock (she will never notice) and cut the back bit off it so it fitted in the front of my croc over the hole

a bit of blue tack and super glue to the reverse side (the blue tack keeps it in place)

in place and ready to go it may not look great but it covers the hole and is still just as comfy

great stunning fantastic stuff will get another few months out of them before i get back to Vermont where me and ken will be sending these out onto lake Champlain and give them a viking funeral

live life have fun and fish mcfluffchucker (a cave in Scotland)

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Anonymous said...

Where's the croc? Oh... must be a camouflage pair. Very Vermont of you.