Wednesday, 13 April 2011


again as you can see from the picture below sometimes works gets in the way of fishing and fly tying but i did get a few things done this week , i got a new shelf built on my tying desk for the ever increasing bits and pieces i seem to pick up well if you go into a craft shop with your kids and threes a bundle of foam on sale we you going to pick it up arnt you whoopsy ,

its been great to get back at my proper bench as well , the room has been a bit cold to tie in and heating is so expensive in this country you simply cant afford to have heating on 24/7 because of greedy fat cats and share holders but that's another story but now the mild weather is back I'm firing on all guns although you wouldn't be able to tell that from the picture below .....

back on the sub bugs

this season sees the addition of the "hell yea" sub bug named after my brother from another mother ken in VT why well ken when i come over am i going to catch fish "hell yea" says ken 250 odd fish later ken my guide for the week wasn't bull crapping the hell yeas for you buddy long may it deviate and annoy predators for years to come and if you want to try and tie one here's a little photo video step by step for ye all to enjoy after you have cast it and it plops down on the water you must say HELL YEA and think about that crazy redneck up in Vermont .......

sometimes things just don't go to plan i had an idea for some crease flies i needed to make but i just could not get it right so i abandoned the idea for now and will pick it back up later when I'm tuned into them again see doesn't always go right , my brother on the otherside of the pond however seems to be well on fire and is producing some really outstanding flies just now ,if he gets round to it they will be on his blog , but don't hold your breath the ice is melting the weathers getting warmer over there so hes going to doing some fishing i suspect

the annual report from Vermont's dept of fish and game is out and online by clicking the link makes some really interesting reading , why oh why does this country not have something similar to this fantastic programme again Americans are show just how far advanced they are over this country in fish management get a grip UK , you will notice a familiar name for a couple of the species ...................

the 2010 Master Angler Annual Summary Report is now available online at The report provides a list of all trophy fish catches entered in 2010, summarized by species from largest to smallest. Also in the report are some interesting statistics on species breakdown, top producing locations, preferred gear type and other information"

trophy white perch

Perch, White – State Record: 2 lbs 3 oz, 16.5 inches, Connecticut River, 2009

13 Adult Dave Lindsay Edinburgh MI Lake Champlain Highgate Springs 5/25/2010 Fly Fishing
13 Adult * Dale Scichitano Cochester VT Winooski River Colchester 7/31/2010 Casting
11.5 Youth * Caleb Smith St. Albans VT Lake Champlain Georgia 8/13/2010 Casting

trophy smallmouth

Bass, Smallmouth – State Record: 6 lbs 13 oz, 23 inches, Lake Eden, 2003

21 4 lbs 6 oz Adult Robert Booth Barre VT Lake Morey Fairlee 8/30/2010 Casting
20.5 Youth Nico LaBrusciano Burlington VT Lake Champlain Shelburne 7/20/2010 Casting
20 Adult Dave Lindsay Edinburgh MI Lake Carmi Franklin 5/22/2010 Fly Fishing

i do tend to bang on a bit about smallies but as much as i enjoy the adreniline fuelled fishing that is largemouth surface fishing i just love the small mouth nothing and i mean nothing compare to these fish on light gear the video below is me losing a horse of a smaller at the side of the boat you know its only a couple of months and I'm back there doing it all again

that's me I'm off to make clousers again

tight lines from the cave



Troutdawg said...

That's a beast of a perch!

StridArt said...

NOt sure how I havbnt found your blog until now! I'll be following brother.