Monday, 11 April 2011

piketrek fly reel now avalible


now I'm really excited I'm really really excited look whats now available , just when you think things couldn't get any better they do i cant wait to get on on my saber , you just know that the quality is going to be the dogs bollocks from these guys get them from from piketreks site here

(from piketreks site)

WELL, IT HAD TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY I SUPPOSE........ For the past nine months this product has been on our drawing-board, and now at last we are proud to announce the arrival of our new baby brother for Pikesaber! This is the lightest reel available ANYWHERE that is capable of taking an eleven-weight line and backing. We have designed it to be extremely light in weight without sacrificing strength in the main frame, and still be of a sufficient size to hold those big lines that have now become standard-issue for pike fly fishing. Finished in Satin Black, this reel simply oozes quality and the looks are stunning, stick one on your Pikesaber and see! AWESOME! It is lighter in weight than any other reel in it's class, and will even hold a full long-belly weight-forward eleven with backing. Constructed from the very finest Aircraft Aluminium Alloy for superb strength and ultra-light weight, and made by a World-Class manufacturer to our own specifications specifically for fly fishing for pike. Smooth drag with a four-Kilo tension to slow down even the largest pike. Rakish styling with Laser-cut logo and line rating, neatly cut into the black anodized finish. Comes complete with Neoprene "Tote Bag" that fits around the reel and rod so that your reel and line will be fully protected whilst on the move or during transit. Spare spools available soon!

you know what I've only ever used and sworn blind by the airflo t10/12 but know I'm seriously thinking of selling them and getting some of these as there replacement you may think I'm crazy but you know when i got the original pikesaber i sold my sage x13 and that is a decision that i still do not regret one bit , the same will be said for this reel

get one you know it makes sense these guys are pike anglers they know what there doing plain and simple

merry Christmas people

the new age of pike fly tackle has arrived

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