Thursday, 3 November 2011

(A fly fishing western)

There has been a few pike fly fishing videos lately and to be honest most of them are fantastic the last 2 great works have been the musky country did from brad bohen and the lair of the water wolf by Barry Reynolds which set the benchmark for fishing videos

Then we have this DVD from some crazy guys from Denmark who head to the wilds of Alaska in search of pike on the fly. from the start you know this video is something different something that in the back of your mind you knew you wanted to see but you didn’t realise what it was until you saw it, this is that thing, it’s a pike fuelled shot in the arm done in a movie documentary style, in fact imagine the blair witch project with tarentino as the director and your nearly there and it all becomes clear why we do what we do

The one thing that sets this off from other DVDs and takes things to a whole new level is the absolutely stunning slow motion footage of pike hitting flies and going airborne this is really some of the best footage I’ve seen they really got it spot on.

Along with the stunning fishing there is a some great scenes with the local Indians who seem to be permanently drunk, the interaction with the fishers and the Indians is worthy of its own movie alone, but I won’t spoil it for you as to what goes on but I was actually laughing out loud while watching it, the only thing I can say is remind me never to get baptized in Alaska

This is not a how to pike fly fish or a look at me and my big fish type of film oh no it’s a whole new way of creating an entertaing movie for the fly fisher and it does have everything including some rather disturbing footage of a run in with a guide company who work out of there ( I was shocked at the way these people behaved)

a BACKYARD in NOWHERE official HD trailer from Sellfish Media & Smatis Film on Vimeo.

but it does make very interesting viewing , I think if there was a downside to this dvd it would be the length , at just under an hour I wish they had stretched it out to an hour and a half , they were up there for 3 weeks so they must have a lot of footage maybe just maybe there will be backyard pt 2 coming out I really hope so because this has me gagging for a sequel , the dvd extra is a really bizarre music video with the fellas dancing in a boat somewhere now I wasn’t sure what was going on to be honest and then the fly rods appeared and it all became clear

Do yourself a favour go and buy it crack open a beer and enjoy the next level of fishing videos
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