Tuesday, 8 November 2011

i write about what i like


(if carlsberg did uv kits this would be it)


i hate to start posts on a bit of a downer but im sick to death of idiots on the Internet you know the type keyboard warriors , well to those idiots i say this i write what i like and about what i like , if i choose to write about a particular product then its simply because i like it ,if i like it and it makes great flies then ill write about it to let others know about it , so don't tell me that im "ramming it down your throat" if i like it im writing about it if you don't like it then don't read it your choice but don't start giving it large about it again ill say this . i am not tied or paid by any company to promote products i do what i do because i like it end of ....... i don't do politics and im not interested in engaging you in your petty crap just go and fish .


on the subject of new materials gliss and glint plus is now available in 2 very cool black colours one with a green flash and one with a reddish gold flash for it , im quite into black these days so was more than happy to get these 2 packs to play with

somebody saw one of these packs on my desk and said not a lot of material in that pack for pike flies , but actually there is enough to make quite a few flies with this stuff less is definitely more and if you use it sparingly you can make some great flies , there is definitely a thing in a fly fishers head that says i need to pile the material on to make a great big bait fish but actually you can get the same if not better looking fly by using just a few strands of material as the picture below shows , do you think the fish would notice if you use less material ........

the subject of circle hooks reared its ugly head again the other day and i found myself trying to explain the pros of them to somebody who wasn't ever going to use them anyway , but they are fish friendly and bloody good at getting fish on the bank . these days i don't even usually post pictures of flies done on them because it always starts a massive debate on the subject so rather than go through all that again if your interested in the whole circle hook thing click the link scroll down the page and you'll see a great article

circle hooks the truth is out there

a fly on a circle hook , just try it you may like em , the only bugger i find with circles is getting a decent fly box to store them in im sure something will come along at some point but in the mean time i use video boxes if you know something i don't please let me know

mixing things up a bit

you know there's no rule book written about fly tying so sometimes its just good to mix stuff up so that's exactly what I've done with this fly , for no other reason than i just wanted too and i was quite happy with the result

the main body of the fly is made from gliss and glint plus (ops sorry a blatant ramming there) I've used this as i wanted just a little glint in the body not a full on flashy body , added to this I've placed a few orvis woolly bugger feathers (is that a plug) and made the head up of normal prime northern buck tail hook on this is a gamakatsu sl12 6/0 bloody sharp

i must learn to use the close up button on the camera sometimes things are just a bit to technical for me but even though the eye is a bit out of focus i still like the picture .
below is the fly in all its glory laid out and ready to go in the box i like the colouration on this and think ill play with a few more colours hopefully if the weather settles down a bit ill get out and about to test em , actually my bro over at pike adventures may want to play with the muskies before the white stuff sets in so it may go into a care package this week

so with that im off to do some more tying with materials that i cant name in case somebody thinks in blatantly pushing a product but if your interested in looking round at some lovely websites then go have a browse at http://www.deercreek.co.uk/ but please be aware you may find fly tying products there and id hate to think I've in anyway influenced you into buying some materials i just like the site as there's some lovely pictures on there

*please not any product placement in pictures on this page is purely coincidental , if you interested in any of the products i use please click on the relevant picture to go to the site , i have done this to save you time searching the Internet for the same product , isn't that a nice thing to do


a cave in Scotland

p.s this is a blatant plug because its awesome and check the price


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hahahahahaha perfect bro to those feckin tossers out there who don't like it...sit on it and rotate bitches!

dead fisher said...

Keep doin what your doin. Some of us appreciate the useful info.