Friday, 18 November 2011

summertime and the living is easy

or should that be er excuse me its November in the UK shouldn't it be frosty

OK so I'm leaping forward a bit here you see because last weekend was the pike fly fishing associations annual fenland flyer for the Anthony Noland trust , its that kind of event where anybody can come along and fish club member or not , and indulge in a bit of fly fishing for pike or just to catch up with friends we usually only talk to on forums , what ever the reason its always a great day out and this year was no different

ain't you that bloke of the TV

if you don't know who the bloke in waders is well let me tell you , his name is Charles rangley Wilson and hes done a bit of writing and film and TV stuff if you click the pic above it will take you to his site where you can learn more , well worth checking out ,


having had a chat with Mr Wilson it was time for the off so i had a game plan which was to hit a couple of spots that i have caught fish before so 9.30 i was walking up to the first spot and with anticipation i cast into the somewhat clear waters of the old bedford , 30 Min's later i was still chucking into the clear waters of the bedford and not a lot else was happening oh dear this ain't quite what i had planned .


well to be honest the next 3 hours wasn't really what i had in mind indeed fishing partner for the day Ernie (pffa membership sec)and myself both seemed to agree the conditions were bloody awful for here in fact it would have been better if it had been frozen over , we had a very bright warm sun way up in a cloudless sky not good and a rethink was called for pretty sharpish

a whole lot of nowhere

we decided to head to a spot around 3 miles away that did produce fish to those that dared make the trip so we started the walk , it was a gamble but one which could have well have paid off big time so we set off on a very pleasant walk , after about 100 yards we spotted a very big zander from the high bank pretty much cruising towards the far bank now this thing was obviously a high double , well i had to have a go so i crept down and started casting as i went but dispute my best efforts and casting in a tight fan in the area we saw it it was a no go so with heavy heart we went back to our walk ...

pikesaber feel the force
the pikesaber (click above) has had the odd critic these are usually people that don't know what there talking about or haven't tried one but by the amount of them on show today obviously these people don't listen to critics and make there own minds up and I'm still proud to support them and i still say its one of the best on the market and it ain't half got some casting power check the picture above and just think of the power in that rod as it launches that line , hell yea
final destination

if you look closely at the picture above you'll see way way way in the distance a pylon this was the upper limits of the completion and that was the final spot for us, we eventually got there and cast into pristine waters and cast and cast and cast to no avail , unfortunately for us it just wasn't happening for us and we really did luck out but to be honest we wernt the only ones today and the biggest fish out off 30 or so anglers was 9lbs something and quite a few anglers blanked , this is a hard venue at the best of times and you really need to know the water you can literally go hundreds of yards along this water without a predator being there and when fish are caught the spots are usually kept secret within pike circles .


i have however learned a lot about fishing this venue and i look forward to getting back next year to put some theories into practice but i really enjoyed getting the flies wet and i had some new patterns that looked absolutely awesome in the water , but you know sometimes its just about getting out there


meanwhile over in rednecks ville, brother ken from pike adventures has been out hitting the muskies and hes been having some infuriating fun with them sneaking up on flies and stuff but he managed to stick one , well done bro and on some great new patterns as well the thing is ken is able to tie flies and test them on muskys i mean threes company's out there that make flies that the tiers have never been a couple of thousand miles from a musky let alone wet a fly for them , nice to see ken going from vice to musky in the glint of an eye , you know if your going to buy flies make sure the person tying actually fishes for them , threes no harm in contacting somebody in a picture on a forum for advice or seeing if they will whip you some up .

ken and a real musky

(the musky declined an interview)

looking forward to my trip next year when i plan a grand slam

pickerel / northern pike / musky

ken brother get the spots together and see ya in the fall brother what a predator blast that will be folks

well i have to apologise for not blogging since the 8Th of November but i had loads of work on , i had more flies to do for the chaps at predator bite click the links to have a look

or if your new to pike fishing they also do a really nice line in pike fly kits pretty much a grab box that includes a roll of the brilliant authanic wire here's the link for the kits

check em out as they do some great stuff , so with having stuff to do and get prepared for my trip south and getting back and catching man flu life has been a bit hectic , next week I'm back to fly tying and i have a million ideas bursting out and loads of bits of scrap paper with ideas on so roll on next week

see ya soon



Jeff said...

Nice post Dave. While you are at it take a quick trip over to the coast and catch a couple stripers when you visit.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

quick question.. What hook is that in the fly?

Thanks in advance

pikepicker said...

top post nailed it again hahahahahahahah

dave lindsay said...

hey dustin its just a normal rubberworm hook in 6/0