Thursday, 24 November 2011

how the wind howls

yup Scotland just now is blowing chunks ans the chance of getting out and chucking parrots about is pretty much zero so I'm going to hit the water early next week all being well

in the meantime i have shit to do in my cave i have a new storage system for under my bench on the left hand side , (actually its a chest of draws) and i had a couple of 3 draw cabinets that were going to be put to use so i started on that this week

the cave - in need of a new seat i think

how many hooks do i need you can pick these chests and drawers up for next to nothing on local classified sites and they make great storage solutions for the fly tier i have millions of boxes of hooks all sorts of sizes and shapes for probably every species swimming I'm a tackle rat when it comes to hooks i have so many , the ones in the picture are the tip of the iceberg i have another 4 boxes of hooks in packets , the thing is i get asked to make all sorts of things for all sorts of fish so i like to have stuff ready to hand ......well that's my excuse

so another thing is that in this day and age well more so over the last 7 years is that there is so much new material coming out i find that space gets to be a premium in my cave well you have to have all the colours to play with don't you , I've now got to the stage where i have to label every box with whats in it or i just forget that i have the stuff .


of course sometimes other stuff sneaks onto my shelves like the odd random fly box or reel again you can never have enough fly reels or fly boxes or materials or oh you get the idea right

I've also managed to source a new hook similar to my favorite gamagatsu sl but a fraction of the price I've done some stress tests on it and it seems to be holding up well it also has a nice little offset so i think this is going to be a great hook for my synthetic patterns ill be tying on it early next week so stay tuned

one of the lads in the pffa put me on to a new site in the UK for the pike fly tier so i went and had a look and thought it was a nicely laid out site with a great selection of flashbou , lines and odds and sods and what i must say is a great selection of synthetic yak hair in a load of colours so they get my vote , anyway go check em out and support UK cottage industry

hopefully ill be back on the prowl next week and back to normal so if your out this weekend have fun and stay safe , i have to work all weekend at my other job so i wont be doing much


(a cave in Scotland)

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