Wednesday, 30 November 2011

i smell bait fish

sili squid skin

nick over at sent me some of his new sili squid skin to try out and see what i could come up with never one to step down from a challenge i got to thinking what i could do with it , so i didn't dive straight in with knocking out some designs instead i thought about what i could do with it . the skin itself is really nice and quite thick as well and you get a really nice strip of 7x2 for £3.99 id say compared to a similar version on the market id call that a great deal

of course most of the ideas you'll see with this kind of material is gummy minnows and although i was going to make some i decided to try something a little different so i cut out a foam head then cut out a slightly bigger square of sili squid skin and wrap it around the foam then using the infamous croc glue on the back of the foam hold it in place until it dries add a couple of gator eyes and you have a very nice looking bait fish if i say so myself , although the picture doesn't do the head justice

OK so that worked out good but i wanted to do something a bit different so i grabbed a 6/0 hook and did a pike sized gummy minnow hell why not i reckon this will be a killer on my local and it catches the light quite superb

pictured below is 3 minnows i have done with sili squid skin and the 2 flies at the bottom are tied using some new hooks deer creek are doing (bloody sharp) and you can see the difference in size to the 6/0 minnow at the top

the small minnow below has a few strands of flash through it and some yellow pro marker on the flanks

just a little silver minnow i did first off although i think i should have added a tail but i still like it and it will catch fish

the picture below shows how light catches the sili squid ,I've not used a flash on this shot very impressed with it and I'm sure these will catch big time , I'm not sure if anybodies used these for pike before but cant see any reason why they wouldn't work especially when there feeding on sticklebacks or small silver fish , and i guess they would take a load of saltwater species as well

OK so if you want to check it out here's the lowdown

Everything you need to make squid minnows. A full sheet of Squid Skin 3 strips of foil. !0 assorted hooks & 10 Pairs of Crystal eyes.

Price: £9.99

or buy it in sheets


Squid Skin is the newest & most revolutionary salt water fly tying material.
Available in 3 styles. Coupled with our Squid foils and Crystal Eyes you can create the ultimate life like bait-fish.
1mm thick
The only limits are your imagination.

Sheet size 7"x2"

Price: £3.99

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Fishtec blog said...

Some great looking fry/silver fish patterns there Dave! I tied a few in smaller sizes (10s) for fry feeders on the trout lakes... they looked and worked great!