Tuesday, 23 November 2010

bloody modern technology

had to happen you know life goes like that you get a bucket load of extra shifts at work you think fantastic that's Christmas sorted then what happens well let me tell ya your bloody camera breaks just stops working well i can still do everything on it except push the take picture button when i do nothing happens ahhhhhhhhhh new camera called for .....:-(
on the plus side and to cancel out the negative of the camera i got a nice parcel of gliss and glint plus to play with and although I've been busy at work i sneaked a vice and a few essentials into work for a play , actually my work doesn't mind as long as it doesn't effect what i do there cant really complain at that

so one of the colours they sent me was this lovely kind of blue/green with a greeny flash through so to me that just screamed baitfish so i had to set to work like a bloody cat on heat i was

the end result and oh er more tea vicar I'm loving this and its not really even that hard to tie in fact there is hardly any materials in it yet its 7 inch's long , I've added some orange fibre as a gill flash colour i think it looks very effective and I'm sure this would catch some of the saltwater predators as well

also doing a few flies for nick at deercreek below is a sample i may well add a few dots to it yet haven't decided but whatever its a nice profile and plenty of flash built in

so if you fancy trying some of this very cool gliss and glint plus click the picture below to order from the chaps at deercreek

the rest of my week will consist of tying lots more of the gliss n glint plus flies , I'm heading up to a large Scottish loch next week for some boating and fluffchucking so ill look forward to trying them out and again i apologise for the rubbish quality pictures ill be back to my normal high "cough" standards of photography soon anybody got a spare camera
tight lines freinds

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