Wednesday, 10 November 2010

new materials and stuff

so if you wanna lay your hands on some off pike snacks then head over to
and you'll be able to purchase a few patterns from myself and some other top guys the flies i do are not mass produced each one is tied by me and therefore limited so get on over and some fluff , keep a regular look out on the site as ill be doing lots more but they will be limited edition

gliss and glint fibre plus is a new material from deercreek its similar to sf fibre but seems somehow to be a lighter and softer than the sf fibre this means particularly if you using a hollow tie or high tie you'll be able to get an even bigger lighter fly than you could before , I'm experimenting with it but so far it gets my vote
there is currently 5 colours available and it costs a quite amazing £2.69 per pack i think this will be a sure fire winner

so what did i tie well i used an ice white and lemon sherbert to create this classic pattern although you cant tell with my fantastic photography (yer right) it has a lovely flash running through it

another one this time a rainbow trout kind of colour and I've used a black sharpie pen to add some break up of colour , I'm looking forward to playing with it a bit more great stuff

if you haven't checked it out take a look at pike adventures blog , hes got his son tying flies now aww how cute is that , but cute as it may be i cant help but think that his son will be making flies while Mr capsey spend more time on the water testing them lol good plan bro
on another note a freind and fellow fly fishing head case drew price has started his own blog click here for the link
now drew is a guide for field and stream and has a fantastic record for catching fish and im really excited at whats to come once he works all this blog thing out sign up and follow his blog you wont be disappointed
so ill see ya in a few days as I've got mega loads to do flies buzzing around inside my head and patterns that i really need to make

tight lines Friends


Jose said...

Hello Dave!
Last Monday I have made a order of Gliss and Glint plus, the pack of all colors.

They look very nice and your flies are very very good!!!!

Best regards!

dave lindsay said...

hey thanks buddy its nice stuff cant wait to see your flies

pikepicker said...

Great post brother..........those patterns off off the chart!!!! Now make me a bacon sandwich!!!