Thursday, 25 November 2010

recycled video boxes (again)

yup it had to happen sooner or later id need some new boxes for flies and to be quite honest i do give quite a lot away when I'm fishing and they do make for a great storage system so i set to work on transforming another 17 video boxes into state of the art fly homes well maybe not state of the art but I've changed the foam i use inside them
if you go online and look up yoga mates they are brill the things are about 5 ft long closed
cell foam and retail from as little as a couple of UK pounds , you can cut it to shape very easily and with the aid of a glue gun they stick brilliantly into the boxes as you can see below I've now got a few to play with
you know you can go for your more expensive brands i mean I've got a box full of finsport wallets but at £15.00 a pop they ain't cheap although they are great for the light weight roving angler which a lot of us tend to be when we are not boat fishing , the other great thing about sticking yoga Matt foam in these is that it floats quite well so below you can see the fruits of half an hours work

so I've started clearing My tying board and sticking them into boxes if I'm going out on a boat ill just take my big boat box with me as the video case stack up really nicely in them and with the aid of a magic marker i can write on the top spine what is in each box so i don't waste time hunting around for a single type of fly , and if i want to go out and travel light i can just pick a few from each box and chuck em in a finsport or even just take a couple of cases in a rucksack easy

on a sad note below is a picture of the river Kennett in the UK yet again we are hearing of trout clubs clearing there sections of water of pike yup netting them out and chucking them on the bank to die don't they realise that this does a fishery no good what so ever and will only lead to an explosion of jack pike , when will these people ever learn

well I'm off to do some prep for a trip on Tuesday and i have to head to work so have fun if your out at the weekend and tight lines
Dave Lindsay
(waiting for the snow in a cave in Scotland)


the lonsome piker said...

The best fly boxes in the world man, I use the same brand!

Jeff said...

Good tip on the boxes. I'm not sure where to find those cases anymore.

Raz said...

Your a genius!