Tuesday, 16 November 2010

thanks folks

first off i must say a massive thanks to those who bid on the 2 sets of flies for casting for recovery auction the other day (see earlier post) the 2 sets went for £41.59 and £32.00 respectively so a massive thanks you to those that dug deep for the charity , Keith will be posting your flies shortly if not already thanks again
dyckers the leading site for ep flies and e.p material

edwin is crazy about ep and makes some dam hot ep patterns and has got the stuff down to a fine art , although he is based in Holland he ships worldwide and its not only pike stuff he does check out his site by clicking on either the logo above or the picture below and enjoy there is so much great stuff on there

work is crazy just now but I'm back to tying tomorrow
have fun
"and if your in a bad place just know just remember theres always a light at the end of the" tunnel and its never quite as bad as you think the river is a great healer

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