Sunday, 14 November 2010

feeling the love

nope not the title of one of kens old movies he keeps hidden away in the sugar shed , I'm talking about fly love yup its that time where you see new people coming into the sport new tiers with new takes on old ideas I've been seeing a lot of this lately and how great it is to see more on this later

I'm developing a new site just now so you may see a few of these popping up now and again all will be revealed soon

you know I'm know by dog walkers and associated stoopid people who walk my local venue as the oddball thats throws dead parrots around on a fly rod (big pike flys to me and you) well yea of course I'm going to be using the big flys for pike but there was a time back at the end of summer that a guy who had a little fishing knowledge walked by me and did a double take , why well it was because i was using a little 5 weight and small sparkly flies for perch "ain't you the pike guy he said" yep i said , i had only talked to the guy a few weeks previously and had been using said parrots so obviously the sight of me with this outfit confused him a bit.


but then you have to ask yourself what defines a predatory fish well to me if it eats another fish then its a predator , so we then extend that to well I'm shocked i thought you were a pike man , well i am but i will also target anything else on the fly rod that eats other fish so therefore if i want to go chase perch with a 5wgt I'm going to do that , if i want to chase trout in a stream with a 2 wgt then I'm going to do that as well why because they are predators so on that very same vain here is


top guide and Friend drew price from has been getting out in the mid November sun before the ice up and catching some lake trout on the fly and from the looks of it it does look like some blue backed bait fish (see predator)

not a million miles away my bro capsey the toad skinner is checking out the first ice of the season and still catching some pretty dam fine pickeral as well head on over to his blog to find out whats been going down with the hill billy

there is as i said at the start some fantastic new blogs around with pike in mind the latest being a nice guy called stefaan demiddele who has started his own blog go take a look here

below are a couple of stefaans flies which i love and will be doing my own take on them , nice ties there mate , go and check his blog out hes only just started it but I'm sure its going to be good well worth following

the coming week sees me tying flies and hopefully getting out on the prowl have to see what the weather does so looking forward to another fun filled week of fluff and tomorrow I'm going to be having a right rant at some very stoopid people stay tuned

Dave Lindsay

(a cave in Scotland)

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the lonsome piker said...

Thanks for the interest and publicity mate! I will be doing some other colour variations which, I will put on my blog soon. I’m looking forward to see your version of them!