Thursday, 11 November 2010

may the force be with you

well you know i got a pikesaber from the chaps at piketrek last year and straight away i could feel this was a special rod , i cast a selection of lines on it and since i did the review I've caught a few fish on it I've recommended the rod to others who also love it i knew from my many years of experience that i have i knew just from the feel of it that it really was something special
so good was this rod i recommended it to a couple of guides in the states one being muskie king and all round nice bloke brad bohen (the afton angler) this is a guy who really knows his stuff and he only has the best for his clients his reputation proceeds him and he is now using it for his clients so I'm sorry if you think the rods rubbish after that and the amount of people catching decent fish and enjoying the the rod for what it is a casting machine and fish hauler then you really are an amateur I'm proud and still happy to promote this rod as the best 10wgt out there for pike on the fly and will continue to do so and you cant argue with the people that use it click the picture below to go see

Damon Keuhl's PIKESABER caught Muskie
(while out with guide brad bohen)

you got to hand it to uncle Greg at piketrek he just keeps pushing the boundaries of fly tying check out the new gill plates he has now they are a a pretty cool colour and i can think of a few applications that i could do with them on plain white fibres and silver eyes oh yes but that's one for later , if you don't want to wait and want to go order some then click the pic to go direct to them , while your there check out beechys fast sinking putty to turn your floating patterns into submarines

the weather here just know is a nightmare to say the least and some parts of the country being battered by gale force winds here included i decided today to have a look back over my year in pictures and stuff and although the last couple of months i haven't been out too much due to my wife having exams and trying to juggle her need to study and my other work i do i found time a little precious , of course all that stopped a few weeks ago when she took her finals so with that out the way i was going to be able to sneak a few sessions in well that's what i had planned the weather had other planes

now to cap it all I've been offered a lot of extra work but that's no bad thing as its mostly evening shifts so i can still get out during the day (when this bloody weather calms down and the other really cool thing is if i wanted to i could fish for a couple of hours while actually heading to work that sounds like a bloody great plan to me


so back to reminiscing i just had to stick this video on from may when i just had the greatest time in Vermont with my bro roadkill Kenny this morning was particularly hot as you can see from the amount of fish hitting the surface and this was like 6am or something stupid , this morning i caught a blinking ton of different species i had a big bowfin size my leg up for a bite (that was a feckin scary evil looking thing of a fish ) i swear this fish knew i was mortified scared senseless as i was up to my backside in the water in just my shorts and a pair of crocs wet wading i swear i though my child bearing days was over (sorry sue at the store lol) i also had a large sucker (cross between a barbel and a grass carp) come right in and sit on my feet as i was fishing madness


so just take a look at the craziness of the fish in this video ,and you'll not be surprised that I'm going back for 14 days next year and really cant wait to catch up with all the dam fine folks i met up with before and new Friends I've yet to meet yes sir its going to be fun

theres some great fly tying blogs out there and a new one has surfaced with some really nice patterns that im looking forward to following check the guy's out by clicking the picture to go to there blog .............

so with the weather forecast tonight for severe gales I'm off to batton down the hatches

later folks


(a cave in scotland)

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pikepicker said...

Feckin spot on post brother....though i hate to say it we should have tying session for...ummm those midge dry flies...thinking some Bi visables may be in order bro....White perch on 4-5wts...yessirr!!