Wednesday, 11 May 2011

brokeback baitfish (no not the same as the movie)

evo stick - serious glue
This is a really good all-purpose glue and has a few uses for the fly tier when not using epoxy . It has not failed me on sticking eyes to flies It stays pliant for long enough to get the job in place and you can still re position the eyes after 10 Min's if you wish to , and is fairly strong after a few hours, and totally dependable after 24 hours. Once set, it repels water, and still retains a little pliancy. so it has its a lot of better points than normal super glue which you have to get right pretty much every time due to its instant stick and some super glues have a really annoying white powder that forms and you have to wash off ....

My only criticism after using this product for a few months now (yes one 33g tube) is the tube itself, which after initial use has a top that's a pig to unscrew as the glue goes into a rubber like bung in the top , but what i do is use cocktail sticks to puncture a hole in the top and i still get enough out to do what ever job I'm using it for , if it does get to the stage of being too thick to get out i just get in there with a small pair of long nose pliers very easy to pull the offending blockage out and at around £5.00 UK for american buyers you can get it shipped to you but I'm not sure if you can get it over the pond it may be a different name , but still worth getting


uncle Greg over at pike trek (click the pic above) sent me some of there new samurai hooks which a basically a half circle hook , and i studied it for a while , turned it this way and that mulled a few ideas over before finally committing material to hook , as the shank on these is quite short so obviously not to much space to work with , but as with most new things sometimes i need to think about things for a while to get the best out of them

so having committed material to the hook i thought of a way of creating a bait pattern with a broken back so as you can see in the picture above I've tied the material in from the eye to the back of the short shank , the material as you can see leans on the back of the vice , i do this to make sure if I'm tying a few of the same pattern i get the same length of body every time .

when its not on the back of the vice it hangs down looking like a fish with a broken back obviously a big turn on for predators

after tying in the back all I've done is hollow tie 4 thin clumps of orange around the head (bad lighting sorry) of course you can make this as thick or as thin as you like i like to give em something to chew on sometimes . i will tomorrow do a video for this so stay tuned .

THE CAVE IN FULL PRODUCTION MODE i had a late start in the cave today as i was celebrating the fact that the doctor had told me the lump on my breastbone was actually my bone and the feeling i was having a heart attack for the last 6 weeks was in fact just heartburn caused by stomach acid which foul tasting liquid cleared up pretty much straight away , i should learn to go to the doctors as soon as I'm not right and not leave it .

so after getting back from work i tanked into a bottle of fine red and then finished the wife's white which of course meant i had the head from hell this morning and didn't get cracking in the cave till 1pm which was a real pity as i had the tying head on today and i had to leave for work at 3pm so drinking i am not doing tonight ................

i did manage to get another one done before i left I'm more of a natural colour well it would have been rude not to again another broke back bait fish

fly fishing redneck brother ken capsey over at pike adventures has done a really interesting blog about a flys life in it he shows a fly i tied in his dungeon last may and hes still catching fish on it today go have a read , pike adventures not only a great read but he has some great pictures

Friend and legendary Vermont guide (i swear he is part fish) drew price is also making me sick as a pig by getting into some awesome small mouths actually its just getting me fired yo for my trip in July and sending me to the vice to make even more smaller clousers , anyway check Drew's antics out here dp on the fly again great blog and always a satisfying read

right I'm off to do some video


(a cave in Scotland)

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